S.S Timeline Notes

  • Big 7

    The 7 Concentrations of Social Studies:
  • Period: to

    the timespan

  • The 5 Powerful Ideas Of S.S

    1.Commonality and Diversity
    2.Conflict and Cooperation
    3.Continuity and Change
    5.Interaction within Diffents
  • 5 Themes of Geography

    1. Location
    2. Place
    3. Human
    4. Movement
    5. Regions
  • Pangea

    -The earth didn't look the way it does now.
    -Plate tectonics, shifting of plates and the earth has million of them.
  • 7 Continets

    1 North America
    2 South America
    3 Europe
    4 Africa
    5 Asia
    6 Oceania
    7 Antarctica
  • European Exploration and Settlement

    -Europeans didnt know that they were in Europe.
    -Takes 17 years to get to Europe from Asia
  • Christopher Columbus

    -He studied maps of the world
    -he was very terrible at making the maps too.
  • The Columbian Exchange

    • Columbus voyages started a great transfer of goods.
      • People, plants, animals, and diseases
  • The Triangle Trade

    Old world
    -manufacture goods
    -metal goods (guns)
    New World
    - Cotten
    - Tobacco
  • Spanish Conquistadors

    -Spain sends conquistadors across the atlantic.
    (Conquestador: Spanish Soldier, explorers, especially Native people of mexico.)
  • Aztec Empire

    • Located in Central America
    • Aztec wern't sure what to make of the visitores, of how they were dressed in there armer and horses.
  • Inca Empire

    • Pizzarro was the Inca ruler.
    • Found more gold and silver going through south america
  • Religion

    • Cathlic missionaries accompanied the soldiers to the New Settlement. (Missionaries: People who travel to a territoy or community in order to make covert to this religion.)
  • European Jealousy

    • As the spanish ship made their way home with boat loads of gold and silver.
    • Each year Spain was gaining wealth and power.
    • They couldnt complete the Spanish Empire so they would have to find unclaimed territories.
  • French Go South

    • in 1673 two explorerores, Father Marquette and Louis Juliet explored the greatest Mississippi Piver.
    • Both hoped that this would be northeast passage.
  • Troubles in Salem

    • Britain and france fighting over land.
    • Smallpoxs
    -Elizabeth Parris, 9 years old
    - Abigail Williams, 11 years old
    - Ann Putnam, 11 years old
    - The girls started to have fits, other people in town started to show similar sympothes, The sympothes lasted for 7 years. June 10th
    - Briget Bishop got killed
  • The English Joined the Party

    • Sir Walter Raleightries to start a colony on the tiny island (Roanoke)
    • Settlers were more interested in finding riches than fish,when their supplies ran low they all returned to England
    • John White the leader of England, returned t england for supplise.
    • White granddaughter (Virginia Dare) was the first child born to England parents in America.
    • While White went back to his land no one was there only a carving on a tree C.R.O.A.T.O.A.N
  • The Downside of Jamestown

    • Swampy area had a lot of mosquitoes carrying a diseases lagre and powerful native americans tribe.
    • settlers in jamesatown were mixed gentlemen (nobility) and craftmen (blue-collar)
  • Pocahontas

    • She Helped save Jamestown
    • John Smith was injered in a gunpower explosion
    Jamestown servives
    -Pocahontas got kidnapped for years
    - becomes friends with John Rolfe
    - John Rolfe proposes to Pocahontas and the get married, and Rolfe brought peace tom Jamestown.
  • Entering the Dutch

    • Henry Hudson explored the coastline farther north
    • hudson discovered deep river
    • he claimed the land along its banks for the Netherland -river became known as Hudson River, land claimed becomes New Netherland.
  • New Amsterdam

    • Dutch hired Peter Stuyvesant as colonys new governor
      • called it new amsterdam Peter Stuyvesant
    • lost a leg nicknames for him: Old Silvernails or Peg Leg Pete
    • people didnt like there leader
  • The 3 Powers of Government

    1. Legislative Power
    2. Executive Power
    3. Judicial Pwer 9 Indivduals, known as justices -9 associate justices and 1 Cheif justice -- All 7 articals chief justces name: John Roberts
  • MLK Jr. March to Washington

    • 2000,000 people to watching the "i had a dream"speech -16th street Baptist church,4 young girls died
  • How Family Live

    -9 out of 10 colonists lived on small family farms
    Farm Houses
    - has one bedroom with a chimney at one end of the house.
    - In the one room you cook,and sleep
    -parents get a large bed,children get pull out beds, Older children get a loft
    - If familys grow then the other children help build on to the house. Farm chores
    -Cut wood
    -Feed animals
    -Gather eggs