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  • Meager Beginnings

    Spotify posted a revenue of $510,578 in its first year. User acces was limited to Sweden.
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    Spotify's Revenue Levels

  • The Red Coats Are Coming!

    Spotify jumps from barely half of a million dollars to $18.3 million in one year. Spotify's large surge in revenue was attributed to opening access to the United Kingdom.
  • Another Record Year

    $96.15 million in 2010. Spotify debuted a new paid tier and received an investment from an investment group that boasts facebook co-founder Sean Parker is a board member.
  • The Land of Opportunity

    Renenues of $244.54M in 2011, a 154 percent increase over 2010. The increase was driven by Spotify opening access to United States users.
  • Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?

    TechCrunch.com reported that Spotify is on its way to $500 million in revenues for 2012.