Spies Of The Civil War

  • Timothy Webster infiltrated a Baltimore, Maryland group planning to kill Lincoln

  • The Begining of the Civil War

  • Allen Pinkerton set up the first Union Spy ring called the Union Intellegence Service

  • Period: to

    History of Spying in the Civil War

  • Bell Boyd shot a Union soldier who attacked her household

  • Belle Boyd began spying on the North for Stonewall Jackson

  • Conferderate Signal Corps was established

  • Timothy Webster was executed for being a spy

  • Pinkerton leave the Union intellegnece agency after McClellan was fired from the Army Command

  • Black Dispatches are created and used when William A Jackson gives information to the Union Army

  • South create the Torpedo Bureau

  • Miss Van Lew and her Richmond network of Union sympathizers helped two Union soldier escape from prison

  • The Confederate Government creates the Secret Service to organize different spy opperations

  • Civil War Ends

  • LaFayette Baker was removed from the Intellgence agency after he was accussed of spying on Lincoln