Special Education Process

  • Referral

    NH RulesA child is suspected to have a learning disability and RTI has not worked for the student.. The child is reffered to the IEP team, the team has 15 days to inform parents of referral as well as send request for written permission to evaluation child
  • Receive Parental Consent

    Receive Parental Consent
    The parents consent to the evaluation of student and the IEP receives the written consent
  • Adminster the Woodcock Johnson-III

    NH Rules
    as part of the evaluation for a learning disability according to the NH Rules one must adminster an academic performance test which the Woodcock Johnson-III is and the special educator in this case adminsters it
  • Legal and Ethical Polices about Evaluation from IDEA 2004

    Test and other assessment materials must be in native language or in the way the student can communicate and administered by qualified and trained person
    -Assesses specific area of educational need
    -Must reflect the student's achievement level
    -Not one single method is used to determine FAPE (a variety of different methods used)
    -Decisions are made by a multidisciplinary team, including an expert in the area of the suspected disability
    -The student is tested in all the different areas of suspect
  • Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children- IV(WISC-IV)

    Also according to the NH Rules as part of testing for a learning disability the student must be administered an intelligence assessment so the school physcologist admisters the WISC-III to the student
  • Observation occurs

    Observation occurs
    The special education teacher as part of the evaluation process observes the student in the general education classroom over the week and IEP team looks over classroom work that was done prior to referral according to the NH Rules
  • Determination of Eligibility, IEP created, and placement determined

    The determination of eligibity is made within 45 days of referrel, the IEP is created (with in 30 days of determination of eligibilty) and the parents agree and are given a written copy which they need to according to the NH rules, and placement is determined
  • Progress Monitoring

    Student is monitored weekly through the use of Aimsweb
  • 3 year reevaluation

    According to IDEA2004 reevaluation must occur every three years and the student is reevaluated again using the Woodcock-Johnson and Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children- IV