special education legislation

By mboger
  • Jean-Marc Itard and Edouard Seguin first known indiviuals to try to teach children with intellectual and developmental delays

  • Period: to


  • urban communities focussed on starting classes for children with disabilities.

  • council for exceptional children was founded to organize teachers working to help chilren with exceptionalities.

  • special classrooms for children with exceptionalities formed

  • public law 88-164 autorized funds for taining professionals to work with special needs children and for research

  • section 504 of the rehabilitation act. it is illegal to deny participation in activities or programs solely because of a disability

  • federal government enacts legislation to provide real help by enacting a free and appropriate education.

  • public law 94-142 education for all handicapped chilren act

  • public law 99-457 enacted. it provided that opportunity by allocating federal funds for the states to edvelop plans and programs for children from birth on

  • americans with disabilities act. extends civil rights to persons with disabilities.

  • no child left behind. pupose was to hold schools and educators responsible fro bringing studeents to a minimum level of competency.

  • IDEA. reauthorization of original legilation designed to strenghten and improve earlier versions

  • american recovery and reinvestment act. goal was to stimulate economic activity.