Special Education in American History

  • PL 94-142 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    FAPE, LRE, IEP, Procedural due process, nondiscriminatory assessment, parental participation, Preschool incentive grants
  • Period: to

    Special Education in American History

  • Stuart v. Nappi

    Expulsion to students with disablities without due process is not allowed
  • Armstrong v. Kline

    Extended school year for children with disabilities
  • PL 99-457 Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986

    FAPE for children with disabilities aged 3 through 5 and grants as an incentive to do the same for toddlers with disabilities birth to age 2
  • Honig v. Doe

    Children with disabilities whose behavior is a direct result of the disability cannot be expelled for misbehavior
  • PL 101-336 Americans with Disabilities Act

    Forbids discrimination against persons with disabilities in public and private sector
  • PL 101-476

    Replace 'children' with individuals and 'handicapped' with disabilities; ITP as part of IEP; autism and traumatic brain injury as categories; repealed states immunity from from lawsuits for violating IDEA
  • Oberti v. Board of Education of the Borough of Clementon School District

    Least Restrictive Environment
  • PL 105-17

    If weapons/drugs brought to school, student can be removed after due process for no more than 45 days. Students who are expelled still receive IEP.; Less serious misbehaviors should be treated similar to children without disabilities; IEP planning begins at age 14; mobility services for children with visual impairments; comprehensive triennial reevaluation not mandated if both parties deem unncessary; mediation services; developmental delay may be used to describe children aged 3-9; etc.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    All pupils expected to demonstrate prficiency in math, reading and science. Annual testing in grades 3-8 is required; Schools that show difficulty will be provided with better resources; teachers will be "highly qualified"