spanish invasion of the aztec

  • Jun 15, 1519

    Cortes sails for Mexico from Cuba

    the Cortes determination to explore Mexico
  • Jun 15, 1519

    the Tlaxcalanns attacks the spanish

    that time the Tlazcalans attacked the spanish, but the Cortes held them off with guns and steel armour.
  • Jun 15, 1519

    Tlaxcalans forms alliance with the spanish

    The Tlaxcalans decided it was in their best interests to make an alliance with the spanish. They agreed to join forces with Cortes to defeat Aztec.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    moctezuma meets the Cortes

    When Moctezuma finally greeted Cortes in Tenochtitlan, he addressed Cortes as if he were a god, unsure whether or not Cortes was Quetzzalcoatl.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Cortes takes Mactezuma hostage

    The Cortes think that the Mactezuma was weak and had let down his people and diminished their reputation.
  • Jun 15, 1520

    Moctezuma Dies

    there are 2 different acocunts of Moctezuma's death.
    1,) Moctezuma died from the stones hurled at him.
    2.) The Cortes ordered Moctezuma killed because he was no longer of use to him
  • Jun 15, 1520

    The soanish attempt to escape from Tenochtitlan but are stopped by the Aztec- later referred to as the Noche Triste

    The Aztec attacked the spanish from all sides, even from canoes in the water. Many spanish was carrying stolen gold and could not move quickly because of the added weight.
  • Nov 18, 1520

    The Aztec begin to die from smallpox

    The Aztec began dying from smallpox that had been brought by the spanish to the new world
  • Aug 13, 1521

    The last group of Aztec surrender

    The Aztec huey tlatoani, Cuauhtemoc,wastaken prisoner and hanged. The great Aztec Empire was no more.
  • Apr 18, 1522

    The Cortes becomes governor and captain - general of New spain

    less than 3years after Cortes arrived on its shores. Cortes became governor and captain general new New Spain
  • The spanish massacre thousands ofAztec while preparing for their religious festival

  • The spanish retreats after the Aztecs gather arm