Spanish Exploration

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus sets sail

    Columbus finally gets permission fromn spain to sail to find a waterway to Cathay and find riches. He lands in the the Bahamas,thinking he is in India, and conquers the land, claiming it for Spain. His importance is that he is the one to start exploration in thwe western hemisphere
  • Feb 18, 1519

    Cortez sets sail

    Cortez lands in Mexico and then conquers the Aztecs and steals their gold and enslaves/slaughters the tribe and builds Mexico city right on top of the Aztecs city.He brings back 99 tons of gold and, with that, kick-starts exploration
  • Jun 12, 1519

    Pineda maps the coast

    Pineda maps all fo the coast (from florida to west texas) and gives the map for Narveaz and De Vaca to explore
  • Jun 17, 1527

    De Vaca journey Part 1

    Narveaz and De Vaca sail to Florida when their ships wreck,and they are stranded with no way to get back to Cuba.
  • Nov 6, 1528

    De Vaca discovers texas

    De vaca discovers texas when his makeshift barges crashes on Galveston. He is trapped in Texas for 8 years and encounters the Karankawas, Coquielitecans, and Jumanos
  • Apr 30, 1531

    Frar Marcos and Estaban journey

    They weresent to find the 7 cities of gold that De Vaca reported.Estaban is killed by indians and Fray Marcos reporets that he really "saw"the 7 cities of gold.
  • May 25, 1539

    Moscosco's expedition

    De Soto was the original leader but died of a fever.Moscoso took over, found nothing, and confirmed Coranados report
  • Apr 22, 1540

    Coranados expedition

    He searched for the 7 cities of gold and Quivera. His quide to Quivera was a Turk and he was strangled to death by Coranado for lying. He brought back nothing and reported that Texas is no good.