Spain's Invasion of The Aztec

By KodieD
  • Feb 15, 1519

    Cortes' sails for Mexico from Cuba

    This was important because it showed Cortes' determination to explore Mexico.
  • Period: Feb 17, 1519 to Nov 18, 1520


  • Jul 18, 1519

    Tlaxcalans attack Spanish

    This caused the Spanish to lose some power
  • Jul 19, 1519

    Tlaxcalans form alliance with the Spanish

    The Spanish regained their power with some added extra power.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Moctezuma and Cortes' meet

    Cortes' was treated like a god
  • Nov 15, 1519

    Cortes' takes Moctezuma hostage

    This caused Moctezumas advisors to be disgusted with him.
  • May 15, 1520

    The Spanish maasacre thousands of people while preparing for a religious event.

    The Aztec started to fight back
  • May 15, 1520

    The Spanish retreat after the Aztec gather arms

    Moctezuma tried to calm his people.
  • Jun 1, 1520

    Moctezuma dies

  • Jun 10, 1520

    The Spanish attempt to escape from Tenochtitlan but are stopped by the Aztecs - later referred to as the Noche Triste

    700 Spanish and 2000 Tlaxcans died
  • Nov 17, 1520

    The Aztec begin to die from smallpox

    Half the population died
  • Dec 31, 1520

    The Spanish form a second attack on the now weakened Aztecs

    The Spanish return to Tenochtitlan with the warriors of Tlaxcalans and Texcoco.
  • Aug 13, 1521

    The last group of Aztecs surrender

    The Spanish destroyed the Aztec buildings
  • Jan 19, 1522

    Cortes' becomes governor and captain-gerneral of New Spain

    The Aztec become the Spanish's slaves.