Space Race Timeline

  • Beginning of Space Race

    Beginning of Space Race
    Russia launches sputnik I
  • Laika

    Russia launch Sputnik II with a dog, Laika inside, but she eventually died shortly reaching space because of overheat and stress
  • Explorer 1

    Explorer 1
    It was the first American satellite to reach space ; it carried scientific tools that lead to the founding of the Radiation Belt
  • NASA is formed

    NASA is formed
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was created in replacing the NACA. Ever since it was created it has accomplished many things such as landing on the moon with the Apollo missions
  • Luna I

    Luna I
    Launched by Russia, it was the first man-mad thing to orbit the sun.
  • JFK

    John F. Kennedy became the youngest man to be sworn into office with over 34,000,00 votes ; 35th president
  • First Man In Space

    First Man In Space
    Yuri Gagarin orbited around the Earth within 108 minutes and became the first man to do so.
  • First American

    First American
    Alan B. Shepard became the first American in space though he didn't orbit he was there for 15 minutes. He was at Zero-G for 4 minutes and went 300 m/ph
  • First Woman

    First Woman
    Valentia Tereshkova became the first woman in space and she orbited Earth 48 times
  • Space Walking

    Space Walking
    Aleksei Leonov was the first man to "walk" in space. He had 45 minutes worth of energy, but he only walked 12 minutes.
  • Luna 9

    Luna 9
    Launched by Russia, through the Luna pogram. It was the first spacecraft to have a soft landing on the moon.
  • Apollo 1 Tragedy

    Apollo 1 Tragedy
    It was the first manned Apollo flight. During a plug-out test, a lot of problems seemed to come about. Unfortunately there was a fire and it killed all the men due to suffocation.
  • Walking The Moon

    Walking The Moon
    As the spacecraft commander of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong landing the spacecraft and became the first man to step foot on the moon. While on the moon their other partner was circling the moon on his lonesome.
  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    During a quest to get to the moon, the SM oxygen tanks in Apollo 13 explode, they have to abort their moon landing, but they safely make it back home.
  • End of Space Race

    End of Space Race
    Apollo 17 returns from the moon. It's the last and most recent ; nobody has returned back to the moon since.