space race

  • sputnick 1

    the sovit union made sputnick 1 and lanched the first man-made space craft. this was a huge leap in the space race for the sovit union. the sputnick 1 was the first satlite but it wasent nearly as complacated as the new ones we have today it was just a simple satalite.
  • luna 2

    luna 2
    first probe lands o the moon by sovit union. this was a big tecnolagy atvancement in luner landings an opened up a new door for other maned landings on th moon.
  • first orbit

    Yuri A. Gagarin was the first man to orbit. he was Soviets and launched in April 12, 1961
  • apollo 8

    Dec. 21, 1968 the Apollo 8 orbited the moon 10 times before retuning to earth.
  • moon probe by us

    moon probe by us
    first us moon probe by the us
  • geman

    In 1974 and 1976 the USA launched two German unmanned probes to orbit Mercury.
  • mars rovers

    In 1976 the USA sent two probes to the surface of mars.
  • voyager 1

    voyager 1
    the us lanched th voyager 1 which as of 2012 is the farthest man made probe from earth. the orignal mission was to go to jupater and satern. the mission was compleated in 1980. but the probe is still going onward into deep space. it will be the first probe to go out of the soler system.
  • challenger disaster

    challenger disaster
    the us craft dubbed the challenger brock apart 72 seconds after inishal take off. failure of the rocket was a resalt of a falty o-ring seal in the right booster. the whole rocket soon after was compleatly desenagrated.
  • sovit satalits

    1959 one Soviet satellite hit the moon and one passed close.