Space Exploration of The Galileo Spacecraft

  • Period: to

    The Pioneer Program

    The Pioneer Program was the first kind explorations of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus
  • Period: to

    The Mercury and Gemini

    The American race against Russia into Space
  • Period: to

    The Mariner

    The mariner had sent out 6 spacecrafts, 5 of them were succesful, and they discovered the martian moons and Venus atmosphere
  • Period: to

    NASA'S Hubble

    NASA established two committees to start working on the Hubble. On April 24th 1990 they sent Hubble into space.
  • The Viking

    The Viking's first launch to arrive on mars and study the surface
  • The Space Shuttle

    Was the first launch of the space shuttle used by the US National defense department
  • The Venera Spacecraft

    The launching of the spacecraft to study the surface of Venus.
  • Period: to

    The Magellan Spacecraft

    The spacecraft recored the surface of the planet Venus, the total cost was 680 million
  • Galileo Spacecraft

    The spacecraft was the first to orbit Jupiter and its atmosphere
  • Period: to

    The N.E.A.R

    The N.E.A.R was the first spacecraft to orbit a asteroid
  • Mars Rover Sojurner

    The mars rover succesfully landed on Mars and discovered Mar's atmosphere
  • Cassini Exploration of Saturn's Largest Moon

    Was the Launch of the Titan IV-Centaur vehicle
  • Period: to

    The Space Stations

    The space Stations are supposed to stay in space for a long time with opeople on board
  • Genisis

    The launch of NASA'S Genisis spacecraft to collect solar wind from space
  • The Mars rover Spirit

    The Spirit succesfully landed and discovered soil that could of ment there was water on mars
  • The Mars Rover Curiosity

    The mars rover succesfully landed and discovered soil that could have ment water on Mars.
  • The Mars Rover Opportunity

    The mars rover succesfully landed and discovered soil that could have ment water on Mars.