Space Event in 1956,1957,1975 to 1981

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  • Space Events in 1956

    Space Events in 1956 this is where i got my imforamtion
    In May 31, 1956 the USSR sent two dogs to rocket R-1A
    In September 25, 1956 The USA sent two people in an open basket for 42,000 as a program.
    In February 11, 1956 they sent this into space,70 mice, and 5 guinea pigs and they reached 115,000 feet. Successfully recovered. (USA)
    In August 20, 1956 The USA did a filght teat and it reached 92,000 feet.
    In July 11, 1956 the USA did a filght test and it reached 100,000 fee
  • Space Events in 1957

    Space Events in 1957 imformation
    In March 17, 1957 USA did a filght test with a dummy that weight 180 pounds and reached 90,000 In pril 14, 1957 they carried 10 guinea pigs and some other things and it got to 95,000 feet (USA) In december 6, 1957 the USA did a satellite launch attempt and it fail. In September 6, 1957 the USSR launch two dogs and reached 132 miles. In August 21, 1957 the Soviet launch a successful flight. USSR
  • Space events in 1975 and 1981

    Space events in 1975 and 1981 In November 12, 1980 there was a voyager that went to saturn and found rings and many of its moon In July 9, 1979 there was a voyager that went to Jupiter and found its many moon In December, 1978 there was two person who went to venus In July 20, 1976 there was a first images on mars In October, 1975 there was a first suface image on venus