• Apollo 11

    Apollo 11 landed on the moon on the 21st July 1969. It returned to the earth eight days later.
  • Apollo 8

    21 December 1968, Apollo 8 is launched to space and orbits the moon. It comes back to earth on the 27th December 1968
  • Apollo 10

    Apollo 10 Reaches orbits the moon on 19th May 1969 and comes back two days later.
  • Apollo12

    On the 14th November 1969, Apollo 12 was launched towards the moon. It landed on the 19th and came back on the 24th November 1969.
  • Apollo 13

    On the 17th April 1970, Apollo 13 was launched. But because of a malfunction, it was forced to abandon its mission and return to the earth.
  • Apollo 14

    On the 31st January 1971, Apollo 14 was launched. It landed on the moon on the 5ft February 1971 and returned to the earth on the 9th February.
  • Discovery's first flight

    Judith Resnik became the second american woman in space by flying in Discovery.
  • Challenger's disaster

    Its mission was to land at the Kennedy Space Centre but it blasted right after its launch.