Southern Colony

  • Jan 1, 1513


    Juan Ponce de Leon was the first person to enter the peninsula now known as Florida. He was a Spansih conquistador who claimed the land from the Native Americans. It was mainly used for Native American trade and forst to protect the land. IT was barley inhabited until it was claimed by America in 1763.
  • Period: Jun 1, 1513 to

    1513 to 1754

  • Roanoke Colony

    Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to create a permanent settlement in the Chesapeake Bay. The colonists were finding it difficult to stay alive and supplies ships were constantly being sent to the colony. On August 18, 1590 the crew of a supplies ship found the colony deserted with the word "Croatoan" carved into a post. The colonists' fates are still unknown today.
  • Maryland

    George Calvart, also known as Lord Baltimore, established a colony revolved around religion. Maryland was supposed to be a haven for his fellow Catholics as well as all other Christians whowere persecuted by the Protestants. Its economy was largely based off of tobacco. After the Toleration Acts were created, al Christians denominations were excepted in the colony.
  • Virginia

    The colony, which was first known as Jamestown, was established by the London Virginia Company in order to find gold. Although it had a very difficult start, its economy flourished when tobacco was introduced. Tobacco ensured the colonies survival and would eventually lead to an expansion in slavery. The colony would eventually be known as Virginia.
  • Carolina

    The colony was started by eight lords proprietors with a royal charter. The colony first survived through Native American trade, but settlers would bring slaves with them. These slaves would support the growing farming of rice. The colony was seperated in halves over wether or not the proprietors should run the government. [(](http://(
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    During the late 17th century, the Virginia colony was led by the royal governor William Berkeley. When freed indentured servants demanded land from the state, he refused to take it from the natives. To oppose this, an wealthy man named Nathaniel Bacon led thousands of poor farmers against Berkeley. After forcing him to flee, they claimed the colony, but were punished when Britian sent troops. It showed a benefit of slave labor; they could never demand land from anyone or rebel.
  • Carolina Split

    The split of the Carolina colony became official when South Carolina recieved a royal charter. The split occured because people did not believe that the lords proprietors should run the colony and general cultural differences began to develop. The North was governed by the proprietors and the South had a royal governor appointed, (mainly used
  • Georgia

    James Oglethrope started the colony with strict rules that limited liquor use, land owned, and slavery, The colonny was also created to ensure the Florida and the Spanish would not expand to the North. After severl rebellions, the colony's control was transferred to the royal government. Over time, its economy would resemble that of Carolina after slavery was permitted in 1749.