Sound of Thunder timeline

  • time machine

    Eckel enters the time machine and talks about how happy he is that Keith won
  • The future

    Eckel and Travis are told to not leave the path and that it'll lead to the future changing
  • time traveling

    Eckel and Travis travel back to 60,200,050 years ago
  • T-rex

    The t-rex scares them and Eckel runs off the path
  • Business

    Travis is angry that Eckel ran off the path and he threatens to leave him because their business can lose alot of money
  • Time machine

    the time machine starts traveling forward and back to the present time when Travis makes Eckel dig the bullet out of the T-rex
  • The man at the office

    Travis and Eckel arrive at their office in the present time and their sign is different
  • Eckel

    Travis kills Eckel