Sound Of Thunde Timeline

  • Eckles

    Eckles is a man in hopes of going on a safari in the past.
  • Time Safari Inc.

    This Incrpiration is made for hunters or adventure enthusisent who want to gi into the past to see phenonminon that are not possible to see in their modern time.
  • The Tine Machine

    A time machine is used to get people to and from the past to the present. Its almost like the world is going in reverse as they travel to the prehistoric times.
  • The Rules

    The rules are told to eckles in deep clarification as they are extremelly important. He is not aloud to go off the path they have created and he is not aloud to shoot enything they say he cant shoot. If he breaks any of these rules he could be fied or even left behind.
  • The butterfly effect

    Eckles questions the rules, they are explained as a chain reaction. if they mess with something here in the past, it could alter what happens in the future. Even the smallest thing could destroy a whole ecosystem.
  • Foreshadowing

    Eckkes tests the limity quite alot with Travis. Although he hasnt done anything, he has come close.