Stensland Massachusetts

  • Mapped Massachusetts

    Mapped Massachusetts
    John Smith Mapped Massachusetts. Mapping that will end up very important when the other settlers come later.
  • Plymouth Colony Established

    Plymouth Colony Established
    Plymouth was formed from the pilgrims who were fleeing from England. 41 men from the Mayflower made the Mayflower Compact. This formed Plymouth's government. It also gave them permission to settle there.
  • First thanksgiving

    First thanksgiving
    first celebrated by the pilgrims in Plymouth. They celebrated this because the previous harvest was good and they had a feast with the Native Americans to celebrate it. 90 wampanoag tribe members was their along with 53 pilgrims. Those 53 pilgrims were the last pilgrims in the colony at the time.
  • Massachusetts Bay Company founded

    Massachusetts Bay Company founded
    King Charles I Gave the company a charter. That charter said that they could settle in the New England area. They also founded the company so they could make their own decisions and not have to wait for approval from the king.
  • Harvard College started

    Harvard College started
    It is in Cambridge Massachusetts. Considered the smartest college in all of the nation.
  • Great migration

    Great migration
    The great migration was when puritans moved from England by the thousands and settle in mostly Massachusetts. Puritans were very strict and didn't go through a starving time like the Pilgrims and the colonists at Jamestown. leader was John Winthrop
  • Salem witchcraft trials

    Salem witchcraft trials
    They last for 3 months and accuse many girls and women of being witches. There were close to 150 accused of being witches and 20 were guilty and killed.
  • Samuel Adams Born

    Samuel Adams Born
    Born in Boston Massachusetts. He strongly supported “No Taxation without representation” He was a founding father. he signed the deceleration of independence.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    started as a street brawl between Americans and British troops but quickly escalated. 5 people died and the soldiers were put on trial. They were proven not guilty.
  • Boston tea Party

    Boston tea Party
    342 chest of tea was dumped in the harbor. up to 180 men and boys boarded the ships docked in the harbor. They were disguised as native Americans for a disguise so they would me caught as easily.
  • Battle of Lexington and concord

    Battle of Lexington and concord
    British marched from Boston and went to Lexington first and easily won that and at concord they also won. But at the Old north bridge the patriots fought with nearly 4000 soldiers. The british fought there way back to Boston.
  • battle of Bunker hill

    battle of Bunker hill
    considered the first major battle of the revolution. provided them with an important confidence boost. 700 british soldiers died and only 100 colonial soldiers died. Patrick Henry was the leader and said “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”
  • Massachusetts becomes part of the union

    Massachusetts becomes part of the union
    it was the sixth state to be signed to the union. John Adams and George Washington where there. They did this because Massachusetts was the leading state in the revolution.
  • Massachusetts separates from Maine.

    Massachusetts separates from Maine.
    Maine citizens separate after a 35 year campaign for statehood. In 1820 Maine voted to secede from Massachusetts.
  • First american railroad was built

    First american railroad was built
    The first built was the Granite Railway of Massachusetts, which ran approximately three miles. It was built to carry granite from Quincy, Massachusetts to a dock on the Neponset River in Milton.
  • Invented sewing machine.

    Invented sewing machine.
    Elias Howe made it in Boston and it improved the speed of making blankets and clothes
  • First National Woman's Rights Convention held

    First National Woman's Rights Convention held
    Lucy stone, Abby Kelley Foster, Paulina Wright Davis and Harriot Kezia Hunt where all there. It was held in Worcester.
  • Massachusetts sent 160,000 men to the Civil war.

    Massachusetts sent 160,000 men to the Civil war.
    Of these men, 133,002 served in the Union army and 26,163 served in the navy. A total of 13,942 of these Massachusetts soldiers and sailors died in the Civil War. Massachusetts voted to be on the union side.
  • Slavery abolished in all colonies

    Slavery abolished in all colonies
    Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his vital role as the leader in preserving the Union during the Civil War and beginning the process that led to the end of slavery in the United States. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is signed, abolishing slavery.
  • Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the first telephone.

    Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the first telephone.
    He demonstrated it in Boston. Queen Victoria was there to witness it in person and got to pick up the other phone. The queen and all her apprentices were there and got to witness it as well.
  • Helen Magill White became first woman in U. S. to earn Ph.D

    Helen Magill White became first woman in U. S. to earn Ph.D
    She got it at Boston University. Her father was then president at Boston university. She continued studies in the classics at Swarthmore
  • first subway in america built in Boston

    first subway in america built in Boston
    It was made after multiple cities in europe. Like in london. They made their subway 34 years before the United states. And a couple of years after the one built in Boston there was New york city. They also built it to improve travel and reduce the number of cars on the street.
  • Boston nightclub fire

    Boston nightclub fire
    492 people died. That was 32 people over the clubs maximum capacity. Deadliest fire in night club history. It injured hundred more. Coconut Grove was the name of the night club.
  • first successful kidney transplant.

    first successful kidney transplant.
    Joseph E. Murray performed it. It was performed at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. done without any numbing medication. Performed on two twins. One did not have a kidney.
  • First nuclear-powered surface vessel launched

    First nuclear-powered surface vessel launched
    Launched in quincy. the submarine USS Nautilus. They made it to see what would happen if they actually powered it with nuclear power.
  • Big Dig Begins

    Big Dig Begins
    Starts in Boston. Congress signed off saying that they could begin Big Dig. The cost went from 2.6 billion dollars to 15 billion dollars to make it.
  • first cloned human embryo

    first cloned human embryo
    this happened in Boston. a large team of scientists did it. It was used to remove diseases and try and help with diseases and how they move around.
  • Water leaks in new tunnels of "Big Dig"

    Water leaks in new tunnels of "Big Dig"
    dumping millions of gallons of water into the $14.6 billion tunnel system. investigate the cause of a massive leak
  • Legislature pass health law

    Legislature pass health law
    first U.S. plan for Massachusetts citizens to receive universal health insurance coverage. They made it because Mitt Romney's health care overhaul became the basis for Obama's national law.
  • Boston Marathon Massacre

    Boston Marathon Massacre
    2 pressure cooker bombs exploded at the finish line. Killed 3 people Krystle Campbell,Martin Richard, and Lu Lingzi were the 3 killed in the boston massacre. 264 injured at the finish line.