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World History

  • The Gunpowder Plot

    The Gunpowder Plot
    A group of Catholics were mad that they were ruled by a protestant. The group decided that on the day the king would go to parliament they would have gunpowder ready to blow underneath where the king was going to be. Fortunately there had been a tip off on what they were doing so most of the group was killed or put in prison. Guy Fawkes was found first. Fawkes’s death is still celebrated in London today. He jumped off the gallows with the rope still around his neck which caused immediate death.
  • Period: to

    The English Civil War

    When Queen Elizabeth died England was ruled by two bad rulers, who didn’t get along with Parliment, before a civil war broke out. The two sides were the cavs (were on the kings side and had long hair) and the roundheads (were with the parliment and cut their hair short, hence the name). In the end the roundheads won thanks to their leader Oliver Cromwell.
  • Period: to

    The Interregnum Period

    After Cromwell won the war for the parliment he became England’s first “non-king” ruler. He became a dictator. He was super strict and banned everything fun and pretty much all holidays. Life under his rule was harsh and boring. Some even felt like he was just like the previous rulers.
  • The First English Coffee House

    The First English Coffee House
    Before Coffee houses were invented they had public housing, which required by law somewhere to sleep, gamble, and drink. When the coffee house became a thing it was know as the sober house because they didn’t allow drinking. It was only a penny for admission and as soon as you entered you were considered equal no mater your status. These houses held an important role in the age of reason. In these houses discutions about the changing times occurred a lot, it was like a salon for everyone.
  • The Principai is Published

    The Principai is Published
    The principai was written during the age of reason by issac newton. This book is the basis for pretty much all current mathmaticas.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution
    After Cromwell died of natural causes and Charles I was executed, the parliment decided that not having a monarchy doesn’t work. So England brought back the monarchy with Charles II. Charles, unlike the previous rulers, had a good relationship with Parliment. He brought back the holiday’s back and was given the name “Merry Moarch”.
  • John Newton (he was born in 1725)

    John Newton (he was born in 1725)
    John Newton was raised as religiously by his mother until she passed away while he was still at a young age. Since his father was a merchant and his mom was dead he traveled on the seas with his dad. When his dad died he kept on in the merchant bussiness until he was captured by a royal navy boat. After his time there he became captin of a slave ship. A storm came while he was shipping the cargo and he cried out to God promising never to sell a slave again. He soon becomes a minister.
  • The Flying Shuttle

    The Flying Shuttle
    In the year 1733 John Kay invented the Flying Shuttle. This invention was meant to help the loom weaving go faster. It was patened the same year as it was invented.
  • Olaudah Equiano

    Olaudah Equiano
    Olaudah Equiano was born in Africa and then sold to be a slave years later. He was traded off and had multiple owners. Durring his enslavement he taught himself how to read and write. Under one master the master had taught him how to trade, so he saved up enough money from that and bought his freedom. Later he became the first published African American author. He held an important role in the abolition of slavery. He was born in 1745.
  • The First Published Encyclopedia

    The First Published Encyclopedia
    One day a local printer had an idea to put all of the current scientists knowledge and theories into one book and then publish. This idea reached the scienctists and they thought that it was a good idea. So they got together and created the first published and printed encyclopedia.
  • Napoleon’s birth

    Napoleon’s birth
    On this day Napoleon Bonaparte was born.
  • The Spinning Jenny

    The Spinning Jenny
    The spinning jenny was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves. It was made to run many different many different spindles at one time. It is rumored that he named the machine after his daughter, but no one really knows. He recieved his patent for it in 1770.
  • The Steam Engine

    The Steam Engine
    In 1712 there was already an idea for a steam engine, but James Watt expanded on that idea and that's where you get the 1776 version of the steam engine. This engine revolutionized how you could travel. You could now ride against the current of a river. It was patened the same year.
  • The Decleration of the Rights of Man

    The Decleration of the Rights of Man
    This doc unmentioned was signed and approved by the National Assembly of France. The document was basically stated that man are born free and with equal rights.
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The Tennis Court Oath
    The tennis court oath was an oath that the National Assembly made durring their strike in the royal tennis court. The oath that they made was that they would not leave the tennis court until the king established a constitution.
  • The Storming of the Bastille

    The Storming of the Bastille
    The storming of the Bastille had occurred for one main reason, and that was to get gun powder for their guns. Another main reason was that the Bastille was seen as a symbol of political power in the time before the revolution, so they wanted it gone. That lead to the tearing down of the Bastille, which took a while.
  • The Bread March

    The Bread March
    The bread march is also called the woman’s march on Versailles and the October march. The people in the third estate were starving and they ran out of bread, a few people went to Versailles asking for bread and the queen “said”, “let them eat cake!” This rumaor spread and got the third estate really mad. A mob made up of mostly women stormed the palace in search of the queen to kill her.
  • Napoleon is made Chief of the Army of the Interior

    Napoleon is made Chief of the Army of the Interior
    At this point in time Napoleon already has a good reputation, so being made chief of the army of the interior was no surprise. Being promoted to this position did boost his wealth and popularity though.
  • Napoleon Crowns Himself Emperor of France

    Napoleon Crowns Himself Emperor of France
    Napoleon had a major influence on France at the time. He had become a comrade rat the age of 20 which was very young. Then he had helped defend the country multiple times. The surprising thing is that he crowned himeself empereor right after they got rid of the monarchy. The significance of his crowning his not that he was crowned, but that he crowned himself. This stated that he chose himself for this position and the people were okay with that. The Pope even blessed it.
  • Queen Victoria's Husband Dies

    Queen Victoria's Husband Dies
    Queen Victoria and her husband were very in love, so it's no shock that when he died Victoria Mourned. The only thing with that is that she mourned for the rest of her life. That's a little bit much.
  • Queen Victoria Becomes Queen

    Queen Victoria Becomes Queen
    At this time Queen Victoria was only 18 years old. She was literally the most powerful woman in the known world. Can you beleive that she didn't believe in woman's rights?
  • Queen Victoria is Born

    Queen Victoria is Born
    Queen Victoria was born in Kingston Palace in London to the royal family. Little did her family know that she would be the trend setter of the known world when she ruled. She set the standard for mourning and so much more.
  • Greece Becomes Indpendent

    Greece Becomes Indpendent
    The Turkish during this time had taken over a chunk of land in Europe. Among this land was modern day Greece. Greece rebels took control back from the Turks and became an independent country. They still celebrate this day today.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Morse code was created Samuel Morse. As you can see he named it after himself. He also created the telegraph with some others to go along with the code. The patent date of Morse code is the same as his telegraph invention.
  • Telegraph

    The Telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse and some others. He also created mores code for it. This revolutionized communication back then. Instead of having to wait weeks for a letter you could get it instantly. The patent date of telegraph is the same as his Morse code invention.
  • The Start of the Great Potato Famine

    The Start of the Great Potato Famine
    A huge famine struck Ireland in 1845 wiping out nearly 1 million people. Durring this time they were a British colony and Britian still made them pay their rent and if they didn't pay they'd be homeless. The potato was the main source of nutrtion back then, so when they became sickly a lot of people were affected.
  • The 1848 French Constitution

    The 1848 French Constitution
    This was supposedly to fix French. Around this time Napoleon’s nefew took over as president. Then later he becomes an emperor like his uncle, but still gives his people the right to “vote”, but they don’t actually count.
  • The Crystal Palace

    The Crystal Palace
    Britian had decided to show the world what they have discovered with the industrial revolution, so they wanted to exibit them in a grand way. That grand way was known as the crystal palace. it was built entirely out of glass in 1850 and the exibition was in 1851. Some years later the place burnt down.
  • The Opium War End

    The Opium War End
    After China banned the trade of opium and did everything they could to get rid of it, the Britain kept smuggling it over. China then started to check British ships and Britain started the Opium wars. It ended with a treaty to end the war.
  • The Start of the Sepoy Mutiny

    The Start of the Sepoy Mutiny
    The British East India made a chunk of their military Indian. They called them the sepoy. Back then they used guns with cartraiges of gunpowder sealed with animal fat. There was a rumor that went around the the animal fat was cow and pig fat. This is very against their religion, so they rebelled.
  • The Raj begins

    The Raj begins
    After the rebellion got too big for even the East India Company, the British government took over. Thus the start of the Raj (Rule)
  • The Last Czar of Russia is Born

    The Last Czar of Russia is Born
    On May 6, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov in Pushkin, Russia as the next Czar. When he became Czar he became Nicholas II.
  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    Barbed Wire was created in 1874 by Joseph Gildden. The original propose was to keep cattle from getting out. It was also to keep other animals from getting in.
  • The Berlin Conference

    The Berlin Conference
    The Berlin conference was a meeting between all of the worldly powers of Europe. After a bunch of tech advances, taking over Africa was now possible. To avoid a huge conflict over Africa they all met up to split up Africa. No African leaders were present.
  • Moving Pictures

    Moving Pictures
    Moving pictures were created by Louis Le Prince in 1888. He disappeared before he could present it to the world. Thomas Edison go the credit for creating it in 1893.
  • The Sino-Chinese War Begins

    The Sino-Chinese War Begins
    Japan had just upgraded everything in their society and wanted to get in on imperialism. They decided to go for China first. Japan won and got China, Taiwan, and a chunk of Korea.
  • The Start of the Boer War

    The Start of the Boer War
    The Boer war happened because gold was found in South Africa. The problem was that the Dutch had already settled there 100s of years ago. They didn't want to give up their land, so Britain decided to go to war. Britain won.
  • The Boxer Rebellion Begins

    The Boxer Rebellion Begins
    The Boxer Rebellion was caused by a organization called the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists. The West called them the Boxers. They lead an uprising against the western culture invading China. They killed anyone and everything connected to the west in any way.
  • Australia Gained Their Independence

    Australia Gained Their Independence
    The British Parliament passed a legislation allowing Australia to become a dominion. After that Australia pushed for their own government and in 1901 it happened.
  • Queen Victoria Dies

    Queen Victoria Dies
    For the longest time Queen Victoria was the longest reining monarch in England. She ruled for 63+ years. She was just recently beat by the current Queen of England. Queen Victoria's Victorian era was crazy strict, but it helped pave the way for how we do a lot of things today.
  • The Russo-Japanese War

    The Russo-Japanese War
    After Japan defeated China they went after Russia. They defeated Russia and gained respect as a worldly power from other nations at last. Teddy Roosevelt was the one who ended the war between them.
  • The Assembly Line

    The Assembly Line
    The assembly line made it way easier to produce man made goods faster. It is thought that Henry Ford invented the assembly line. It was patented in 1913, but people were using before then.
  • WWI Starts

    WWI Starts
    WWI, or the war to end all wars, was started in the bulkans. The bulkins at the time were known as the powder keg of Europe. All of the tension down there was so thick, that it only took one thing to kickstart the war. The assasination of Franz Ferninad.
  • The First Revolt in 1917 Russia

    The First Revolt in 1917 Russia
    The people in Russia, after all that has happened, don't like the Czar. They think that the Czar is weak and not capable of leading the country. The Czar reconizes this and at some point advicates the throne.
  • America Joins the War

    America Joins the War
    There are three main reasons why America joined WWI, but I'm only going on about one: the sinking of The Lusitania. This was a passengers' ship that had French and American passengers on it. It went through German teritory to get to where it was going and got sunk by the Germans. America got very mad at the Germans. The Germans said that they had reason to belive the war cargo was on that ship and it was on their teritory, so they sunck it. Nobody believed it back then, but now we have proof.
  • The Second 1917 Russian Revolution

    The Second 1917 Russian Revolution
    After the Czar advicated the throne the Bolsheviks took power. This is under which Lenin became ruler and Russia became a communist Country. The Czar and his family were was also killed during this time.
  • The Start of Trench Warfare

    The Start of Trench Warfare
    At the start of the war the Germans were caught in between two big foes, so to beat the odds they came up with the schlieffen plan. This plan was made because they thought that the French were not yet ready for combat. Germany would split her forces and get rid of the French before joining the other troops who were attacking Russia. The French were, however, ready. So the plan failed.
  • The Last Czar of Russia is Born

    The Last Czar of Russia is Born
    Around the end of the Czar's advicating the throne, he and his family were taken hostage. They were taken from place to place to stop people from trying to free them, if they were to try. one night they were told to go downstairs to the basement to prepare to leave again. The women were last as they had to put on a lot more than the guys. When they got down there they were told to line up against the wall. They were all shot to death by a firing squad.
  • The Schlieffen Plan

    The Schlieffen Plan
    This plan was a plan made by Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen, hence the name Schlieffen Plan. Germany thought that France was not yet ready to start fighting, so the plan was to kick them before they got a chance to even stand up. The other troops went to verse Russia. The plan, however, failed. France was ready for battle when the Germans got there.
  • The Beginning of the Weimar Republic

    After the end of of WWI Germany had to sign the treaty of Versailles, which hindered Germany greatly. This also caused the government to become more weak and unpopular with the people. This government was called the Weimar republic.
  • WWI Ends

    WWI Ends
    Germany finally doesn't have the means to keep on fighting, so they have to surrender. The original plan was to do a peace treaty, but it really wasn't a peace treaty. Germany was forced to take all the blame for everything and pay for it.