The Dust over Crea

  • 1 CE

    Gods create life on Crea

    Gods create life on Crea
    Gods create flora, fauna, and landmasses.
  • Period: 1 CE to

    Era of Creation

    A time at the beginning of Crea, when Gods ruled and life was just beginning.
  • Humanity appears

    Humanity appears
    Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goliaths, Halflings and Gnomes appear on Crea.
  • Period: to

    Nomadic Age

    Humanity enters the scene. Groups of peoples divided by race begin wandering the planet, cultivating crops and taming livestock.
  • Magic is discovered

    Magic is discovered
    Magic is discovered by the peoples of Crea, in the form of large well-like sources.
  • Period: to

    Golden Age of Magic

    A time period when magic reached its peak. The wars and ideals shaped the world to decide the uses of the magic granted by the gods.
  • The Battle for Unification

    The Battle for Unification
    A battle between two schools of magical thought: combat and utility. General Ansem, leader of the Silver Casters, sat down and negotiated with General Syloreum, leader of the Order of Arcana. Eventually a treaty was struck and the two sides put aside their differences to form the Magus Guild.
  • Gateway construction begins

    Gateway construction begins
    The Magus Guild begin to find places of power around Crea to construct magical gateways that will allow them to traverse between realms.
  • Period: to

    The Fall of Magic

    The period of time when magic grew too powerful, and wars were waged to bring an end to magic-users.
  • The Purifiers are formed

    The Purifiers are formed
    A group of humans against the use of magic form the Purifiers; a group of mage-killing warriors to hunt and kill magic users.
  • The first magic purge

    The first magic purge
    The first magical purge begins, and hundreds of mages fall to the hand of the Purifiers.
  • The last stronghold

    The last stronghold
    The purifiers overrun the last magical stronghold in Fortress Ontario, killing all mages except for Sephira and her daughter, who escaped through the mountain.
  • The Dust rises

    The Dust rises
    After the last mages were killed, a strange black dust seemed to rise from their bodies, frightening the Purifiers.
  • The ascension of the islands

    The ascension of the islands
    The magic siphoned from the dead mages is crystallized into usable Mana Crystals. The Purifiers deem it best to use these crystals to break away from the ground and send landmasses into the sky, bringing them closer to the Gods they revered. Six Islands were lifted into the sky.
  • Mana Crystals find another use

    Mana Crystals find another use
    The remaining peoples on the ground use the left-over Mana Crystals to jump-start a technological revolution.
  • Period: to

    Era of Innovation

    Technological boom after utilizing crystallized magic from the previous era.
  • Crater Cities

    Crater Cities
    People begin to build cities in the craters of the floating islands, as a form of natural protection.
  • The first airship takes flight

    The first airship takes flight
    The first experimental Airship being constructed in the Zaphkiel Crater is accidentally unleashed when prominent thief, Leroy used it to escape from pursuing guards.
  • The islands regain contact with the ground

    The islands regain contact with the ground
    After piloting what seemed to be an eternity, Leroy and Guard #2 come upon one of the floating islands and crash right into it. The Purifiers that still dwelled on these islands brought them into questioning immediately, before ultimately releasing them and fixing the airship. This ultimately lead to trade routes forming with airships, between all of the floating islands and the ground. Leroy buried one of the items he stole, under a tree on this island.
  • The first forms of guns are created

    The first forms of guns are created
    Using a diagram of an old Purifier Fire-stick, a human and Dwarvish inventor team up to create long range weapons to fill the void of spells. After several failed attempts, the first flintlock pistols and muskets are created
  • A standard form of currency is adopted

    A standard form of currency is adopted
    The Qill becomes the standard form of currency that civilizations use to trade with eachother.
  • Lailah Isle falls

    Lailah Isle falls
    Lailah Isle, one of the original 6 floating islands, is sabotaged and falls out of the sky. The impact sends up a huge cloud of dust, covering Crea in swirling Dust storms that ravage the landscape.
  • Period: to

    The Dustbowl

    A period of crisis and evolution after the fall of the Isle of Lailah. The Dust pours over the land, forcing individuals to adapt or perish.
  • Battles break out

    Battles break out
    With the whole of Crea (except for the floating islands) now covered in dust, the peoples begin fighting one another for control over important resources, such as water.
  • The battle for Mushroom Oasis

    The battle for Mushroom Oasis
    One of the major battles during the Dustbowl, General Gambios lead his men into war against general Turnik's forces. The oasis was turn asunder, but eventually Gambios and the Order of the Wolf bested Turnik, and laid their rightful claim to the mushrooms that grew there.
  • The first Relic is found

    The first Relic is found
    After years of conflict, the first Relic is unearthed.
  • The War for the Relic

    The War for the Relic
    With tensions at an all time high, the Relic, which was unearthed on Elvish ground, starts a war between the People of Pintel Crater, and the Elves of Talant Elen. It is a bloody battle, but eventually, Islgaar Lord of the Elves claims victory, and the Relic is left with the Elves. This drives a rift between the humans end Elves.
  • Rallying of humanity

    Rallying of humanity
    The humans decide to leave most of the other races to fend for themselves, and begin marching through the cities, fortifying human defenses.
  • The Gods are exhiled

    The Gods are exhiled
    Liviticus the Celestial being, calls upon the Gods that watch over Crea to hold council. He berates them for screwing up a perfectly good world, and as punishment for letting the dust grow, he banishes the Gods into another realm, leaving the humans to fend for themselves.
  • The Celestial's Damnation

    The Celestial's Damnation
    As a final demonstration of Power, Leviticus hurls a black meteor from the heavens crashing down to Crea.
  • The Meteor lands

    The Meteor lands
    The Meteor strikes the land near the Dwarven mountain range. An Elven scout ran back to Talant Elen to report on the effects. When she reached the Council, she told them of the Dwarves that it eradicated when it fell. A black Dust had come out of the Meteorite and vaporized them. Islgaar decided it would be best to take the Relic and flee towards the nearest floating Isle for sanctuary.
  • The Gods create the Last Sire

    The Gods create the Last Sire
    In a last ditch effort to save which that they created, the God of Mischief siphoned the other gods power into a mass of energy, and hurled it at the earth before they were exiled.
  • Period: to

    The Relief

    A dark age when the gods were called to another plane by the celestials.
  • New currency is created

    New currency is created
    With the floating islands near inaccessible, a new form of currency is adopted on the ground: Poch.
  • Dwarven extinction

    Dwarven extinction
    After years of the black Dust spreading through the mountains, most of the Dwarves have died out. Bilby, a young adventuring Dwarf, goes to the High Dwarven Council and shows them a way to protect themselves from the Dust. The Council agrees the only thing to do is to seal themselves off from the outside world and protect the Relic they have until someone on the outside finds a solution. They then close the entrance to Kaz'ad Nerroth.
  • The Dust spreads

    The Dust spreads
    Over the next couple hundred years, the Dust from the Meteorite corrupts the land and creatures it touches, carried by the Dust storms that already ravage the land.
  • Outriders form

    Outriders form
    Groups of bandits known as Outriders start forming in an effort to survive the harsh wasteland that Crea has become. They ravage across the lands, pillaging any nomads or traders that come their way.
  • The search for the Sire begins

    The search for the Sire begins
    With civilizations clustered into remote cities scattered across Crea, the tale of the Sire is the only thing that keeps people hopeful. Several cities start sending out their youth to search for the Sire as a last means of survival.
  • Period: to

    The Search

    The period up to present day where civilization has been separated and scattered, succumbed to the dust and searching for a way to survive.
  • The Bolstering

    The Bolstering
    The remaining cities that have survived, begin building large walls in an attempt to shelter their citizens from the harsh outside world.
  • Artificial floating islands are created

    Artificial floating islands are created
    While the search is going on, some cities begin development of artificial floating islands using balloons to try and flee to the sky. Unfortunately, many of these artificial islands are unsuccessful and crash to the ground.
  • The location of the Sire is discovered

    The location of the Sire is discovered
    After years of searching, a researcher of the Jah'Borra Crater believes he has found the location of the Sire: Zaphkiel Crater.
  • The Sire is found

    The Sire is found
    The brave efforts of The Banished (formally known as team Irissss), lead to the discovery of a secret chamber under Zaphkiel Crater. When all hope seemed lost and the dust had taken over the outlands, the Sire was uncovered by The Banished deep within the chamber, and after a brief fight with a corrupted monk, brought peace back tot the land and assured the safety of lady Sapphira's bloodline.