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Infinite Fate Grande Timeline

By Ozpin
  • 9999 BCE

    The Fates Shatter Hedron

    Hedron tries to build a tower on the one planet he's not allowed: Earth. The Fates are furious and use the Infinity Stones to shatter him to pieces. They then task Ozpin with hiding the Reality Shards across the world to make sure that no one can ever revive Hedron.
  • 7083 BCE

    Albert is Sealed Away

    Trebla sealed Albert away for 10,000 years.
  • 1 CE


  • Trazio Joins the Red Umbra

    Trazio joins the Red Umbra and tries to become the leader so that he can do a successful evil plan.
  • Dimentio Controls The Great Funny

    Dimentio steals The Great Funny's Hat and plants a Floro Sprout in his head to control him.
  • The Land of X-Box

    Sherlock finds Daffy in the Land of X-Box and has him arrested for running a fake Pokémon lab and attempted murder.
  • Moriarty Returns

    Sherlock and the player find Moriarty in the Baker City Gym; Moriarty explains some of his plan.
  • Sherlock and the Player Defeat the Loki

  • The Player is Lost

    Discord battles the player as the eighth and final Gym Leader, but after he loses, he throws the player into another dimension.
  • The Great Funny Wins

    Using the time when the Player isn't there to interfere, The Great Funny sends his commanders to every town in Alternia and takes over the whole region.
  • Moriarty meets with Team GRIMM

    Moriarty takes a helicopter to Finale City in the Perio region and talks to Roman Torchwick and Grant Ward about the GRIMM Rift. Radcliffe calls him and tells him that he can make LMDs. "SAY THAT AGAIN!"
  • The Player Returns

    Bugs finds the Player somewhere in the Furthest Ring and brings them to his house in Castle Town. In the week that they were gone, however, The Great Funny took over the entire Alternia region.
  • Flynn and Kaos arrive in the Pokémon Universe

  • The Battle that is Legendary

    The Player climbs the Tower of Harmony to find Tai Lung, and battles him to prove that they are worthy. After they are victorious, Tai Lung offers them one of two legendary Pokémon: Reshiram and Zekrom.
  • Flynn finds the Space Stone

    and uses it to try to make the Portal of Power.
  • Discord is Defeated Again

    The Player finally arrives in Ponyville and challenges Discord with their new legendary dragon. After Discord loses, he realizes how much he misses his friends and goes back to Equestria.
  • Moriarty Explodes

    At the top of The Great Funny's Castle, Moriarty shoots Sherlock; but Sherlock rigged the gun to explode when it was shot, so Moriarty exploded. Unknown to the Player and Sherlock however, that was actually a robot version of Moriarty created by Meka Man.
  • Kaos starts Organization XIV

    Kaos exploits the Portal of Power to create Organization XIV.
  • Daffy steals the Soul Stone

    During the Jade Tournament, the Jade Tower explodes and Daffy steals the Soul Stone. Shifu tells the Player to find Oogway so that they can combat Daffy's newfound chi power.
  • Meka Man's Defeat

    A bunch of Meka Man's robots blow up.
  • The Spirit World

    The Player uses the three MacGuffins Oogway hid on Isle Delfino to go to the Spirit World. Oogway then gives the Player a part of the other legendary dragon to make theirs more powerful.
  • Gaster's Revenge

    The player encounters Daffy on Mt. Animus, where he is training to do battle with the Fates. Bugs shows up to stop him, but Chara tries to use the Soul Stone to separate from the player. Then Gaster returns but is immediately defeated.
  • Flynn gives you your Pokémon

    The player gets a Pokémon from Flynn and is sent on a long training journey to defeat Organization XIV.
  • Organization XIV makes the Doom Fist

    Using :chocmilk: from Aperture Science, Organization XIV weaponizes dark matter.
  • The Club Penguin Universe is Destroyed

  • Bugs saves Herbert from the Furthest Ring

    After Herbert was sent flying into the Furthest Ring because his universe exploded, Bugs showed up to save the day.
  • Bugs turns evil

    Bugs learns of the Dark Nebula's plan, but before he can tell anyone, he gets venomed by Cipher... But then he takes over Cipher and cuts their connection to the Dark Nebula.
  • Daffy starts looking for Bugs

  • Cipher Stops Sending Venom

    Bugs takes over Cipher so they don't give the Dark Nebula any more venom.
  • Organization XIV is Defeated

    Dark Fawful screws up the entire plan by using his Vacuum Helmet to suck up all the Dark Matter in the region, and then explodes.
  • John turns good

    You stop John from randomly blowing up the region... Yay?
  • "Hohenheim"

    ...oh, for f-
  • The Player goes to the Dark Dimension

    After finding out that Bugs is in the Dark Dimension, you travel back to Caelum Town. Flynn comes to your house and reveals that he has the Space Stone to Daffy. Then you go to Lab XIV and use the Portal of Power to travel to the Dark Dimension.
  • Cipher is Defeated

    After a lot of battles, Cipher is defeated. Bugs doesn't remember anything that happened before he turned evil, including the knowledge about the Dark Nebula's plans. Daffy uses the Space Stone to return you to the Pokémon universe.
  • Dimentio steals the Dark Prognosticus

    Dimentio and the Dark Nebula go to Oraculum City's Ancient Library (not Refurbished) and steal the Dark Prognosticus.
  • Doji Finds the Chaos Heart

    The Dark Nebula go to the Temple of the Heartless to find the Chaos Heart.
  • Showdown at Cinis Island

    The Dark Nebula tries to unleash Telozois using the Space Stone and the Chaos Heart, but the player is able to stop it. Dimentio then uses the Chaos Heart and Mr. L to turn into Super Dimentio and fights the player. Edward uses Human Transmutation to banish Dimentio to the Gate. The Phoenix Foundation Headquarters is consumed by Truth.
  • The Infinity Guardians

    Cyrus, Bugs, and Daffy visit Caelum Town to recruit Flynn to become an Infinity Guardian. They also explain a bunch of cosmicyness to Zeng.
  • Ryuk kills the Mystery Edition Player

    D-DUUUUUUDE! Dude...
  • Team GRIMM takes over Finale Coliseum

    Team GRIMM use up all of the power in Finale Coliseum to power the GRIMM Rift and go to the Furthest Ring.