By s01200
  • european settlement

    industrial revolution was in its early stages
  • coal discovered

    coal was first discovered by europeans in Australia at the mouth of hunter river in NSW
  • coal mine

    first coal mine established in Australia near mouth of hunter river
  • coal trade

    set up a permanent settlement at hunter river became center of development in coal trade
  • steam engine

    first steam engine to be shipped to colony in NSW
  • Period: to

    introduce steam

    more steam engines were introduced
  • coalmine

    there were six engines including one at Australian Agricultrul Companys Newcastle colamine
  • paddle steamer

    first paddle steamer to be built in england and arrive at sydney
  • factory

    early textile factory established
  • Period: to

    iron and steel

    imports of steel and iron tottalled 5500 tonnes and a further 7500
    tonnes were imported to the end of 1840
  • flourmills

    26 steam engines in flower mills ten in othwer industries
  • horizontal engine

    horizontal engine started to take over steam engine
  • steam ships

    steam ships wear running between ports
  • steam train

    first line carrying steam train
  • sewing

    treadle and steam driven sewing machines
  • foundation

    peter russel played important role in founding the institute of engineers
  • textile industries

    textile industry relied heavily on the low labour cost of women and children industry expanded rapidly with employment from 1870-1900
  • furnacve

    small blast furnnace was built and operated into thew 1880s but was never a economic proposition
  • railway

    first railway in queensland
  • smelting plant

    smelting plant was not economical and closed down
  • tin

    charles rasp believes he has found tin on broken hill
  • mining company

    mining company dissolved incorporated broken hill propierity company. begins mining silver lead and zinc
  • smelting

    smelting commences at port pirie South Australia
  • export

    firat export of lead to china
  • iron mining

    bhp commences iron ore mining