Somali pirates

  • Pirates Attack Cruise Ship

    Pirates Attack Cruise Ship
    The Seabourn Spirit is attacked by pirates while off the coast of Somalia. The pirates pursued the cruise ship with speed boats. They followed by firing RPG missiles and grenades at the ship. The crew were prepared and returned fire. No one was hurt or killed.
  • Fall of Mogadishu

    Fall of Mogadishu
    The militaries of Somalia and Ethiopia attempt and succeed at taking over the capital of Mogadishu. Their forces were unopposed by the government of Somalia.
  • Pirates Capture Record-Breaking Oil Tanker

    Pirates Capture Record-Breaking Oil Tanker
    Somali pirates hijacked The Sirius Star, an oil tanker. This tanker was the largest ever captured. It carried over 2 million barrels of oil. It was taken off the Somalian coast in the Indian Ocean.
  • Indian Navy Captures Somali Pirates

    Indian Navy Captures Somali Pirates
    Members of the Indian Navy seized several pirates off the Gulf of Aden. The pirates were attempting to gain control of a ship but their plan was foiled. The Navy confiscated a wide array of weapons. They included seven assault rifles, three machine guns, and a rocket launcher.
  • Somali Pirates Take Over US Ship

    Somali Pirates Take Over US Ship
    The Maersk Alabama was seized by Somali pirates outside of Mogadishu. The ship's cargo held food donated from the UN to aid countries like Uganda and Somalia. This was one of many ransom situations for the pirates. They hold the crew hostage until the ship company pays the high ransom fee.
  • Navy SEALS Kill Pirates, Save Captain

    Navy SEALS Kill Pirates, Save Captain
    The Captain of the Maersk Alabama was rescued after he was held captive by the Somali pirates. The Captain was held hostage for several days before the Navy SEALS killed his captors. The SEALS used sniper rifles to kill 3 pirates. The captain was reunited with his crew who were released after being captured.
  • Pirates Obtain Record Ransom

    Pirates Obtain Record Ransom
    The Somali pirates released two South Korean ships and received over $12.3 million. The two ships were the Samho Dream and the Golden Blessing. The ships were extremely valuable. They held barrels of crude oil worth $170 million from Iraq to the US. The pirates vowed to leave the crew unharmed if they received their ransom payment.