Bigmastech software developement

Software Development

  • Institute for Advance Study

    Institute for Advance Study
    John Von Neumann developed two concepts of the path of languages: conditional control transfer and shared-program technique
  • Generation of Computers

    The First Generation of computers started approximately and computers were characterized by electromechanical mechanisms and partly programmable.
  • Second Generation of Computers

    The Second Generation of computers started in this era. They were characterized by electromechanical mechanisms and programmable in the sense of von Neumann's stored program architecture.
  • First Commercial Machines

    The first commercial machines constructed entirely from transistors are put on the market. Fortran is developed. The first operating system comes on line.
  • Third Generation of Computers

    The Third Generation of computers starts approximately in this era. These computers are characterized by mainly electronic models but now fully programmable.
  • Industrial Era

    Important events: the first computer game is designed, Moore's law is defined, ASCII becomes a standard, the first general purpose computer language.
  • IC Computers

    The first computers fully based on IC technology come on the market. New operating systems see the light.
  • Micro Processer

    The programming language "C" is invented. The first Micro Processor is marketed.
  • IBM Computer

    IBM brings out an early version of an office computer. The first portable computer from Osborne.
  • Commodore

    This was the period that Commodore starts its success story with the Commodore Vic20 and C64.
  • The Apple

    Apple introduces its Mc Intosh with a big bang, the first transputer is made, and the CD-ROM starts its victory.
  • Fourth Generation

    The Fourth generation of computers starts approximately in this era. These computers are characterized by fully electronic and programmable models.
  • Multi Machines

    Trend setting are Multi Media machines. Sound, picture, video and TV features are becoming highly in demand.
  • Intel

    The pentium, a long waited new processor from INTEL. This is the year were many internet providers open for the public.
  • eBusiness

    Internet is the new hype in computer world. Companies are converging towards Internet business and building applications for it. In the last part of the century eBusiness is the magic word here.