Old world map

Social Studies

  • the meaning of S.S.

    We learned about C.H.A.N.G.E.S and the goal of S.S. is for students to learn about the past of there countrys historys.
  • 5 W's of History

    1.who, what, where, when and why
    2.Historical Empathy
    3. Historical Perspective
    4. Primary Source
    5. Secondary Source
    6. a Publiction
  • the meaning of S.S. part 2

    1.Oral history
    2. Chronolical Order
  • The meaning of S.S. part 3

    1. 5 powerful Ideas of S.S.
    2. the meaning of the 5 powerful Ideas of S.S.
  • The meaning of S.S. part 4

    1. 5 themes of geogaphy
    2. Meaning of Reigon
    3. Human Features
    4. Physical Features
  • The Continents

    1. 7 Continents -Europe & Asia are divided by the Ural moutains
      • Europe has no desserts -Oceania and antartica are sorounded by water -Bering sea conects N america and ASia
  • N. America 3rd largest

    -Named by Amerigo Vespucci
    - Biggest earth features are
    -Mount Kea
    -Lake Superior
  • S America 4th largest

    • Amazon River
    • Andes
    • Atacama desseert -Amazon Rain forest -Puentas Arenas
  • Europe 6ths

    • the stating point for both worlds
    • 1700's Eurape ruled most of the world
  • Africa 2nd

    -Nile River
    -Sahara dessert
    -most gold and diamonds
  • Asia the largest continont

    -3.8 billion people
    -Mount Everets
  • Oceania smallest

    _more sheep than people
  • Antartica

    • 98% ice
    • -129.3
    • 200 mph
    • -40 to -94
  • Riegons

    • NE, West, Midwaest, SE, south west
  • NE states

    Maine New Hampshire Vermont Connecticut New York Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Rhode Island Massachusetts New Jersey
  • SE

    . West Virginia
    Virginia Kentucky North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Nashville Florida Tallahassee
    Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Louisiana
  • MW

    Michigan Minnesota Ohio Indianallinois Wisconsin Iowa Missouri Kansas
    North Dakota South Dakota
  • SW

    Oklahoma Texas New Mexico Arizona
  • West

    Montana Wyoming idaho Colorado Utah Nevada Washington California Oregon Hawaii Alaska
  • Native Americans

    -10,000 years ago
    -they left primary sources
    - Beringia
    - the first natives migated to N. America from Siberia in Asia
  • Nomadic Tribes

    -they survived by adapedting
  • European Exploration

    -Marco Polo
    - was a merchant
    -wrote book The Marvels of the World
    - many wanted to get what riches he had from asia
  • Europe in the 1400

    Johannes Gutenburg created the printer
  • Christopher Columbus

    - Moddle Class
    - didnt have the money to be a sea capatin and explorer
    -he asked for money from the King and Queen of spain in retrun land
    - It took him 33 days to get to america
    he landed in the Carabian sea
    - He thought he was in japan and he thougt he saw China
    -He died bieliving he had found Asia
  • Slavery

    -1400's European esplorers in the west were trading guns for slaves captured by africans.
    -1500's slaves went to america
    - many died on the way
  • Trade

    -top trades of 2011- Slavery 1450-1870- Africans were good slaves because they had strong immune system. - 11.6 million slaves left Africa
    - 10 million survived
  • Spanish Conquistadors

    -Hern’an Cort’es arrives in Mexico with 500 soldiers - The Aztec thought Cortes was a god- The Aztec were located in Central America
  • 1521

    -With the help of the enemies of the Aztec, Cortes battled the Aztecs
    -conquered the Aztecs in 80 days-100 Spanish died- 240,000 Aztecs died
  • 1532

    -Francisco Pizarro -he attacked the Incas-He got some help from the dieses Small Pox - Small pox killed thousands of Incas
  • Juan de’ Leon

    • Sailed with Columbus
    • Was looking for the fountain of youth - Discovered Florida
    • 8 years later he comes back to Florida with 200 soldiers to establish a colony- Natives were inhabiting Florida and they wouldn’t give their land up- The natives had poison arrows- Juan died from an arrow- Spain conquered from California to Florida
  • France Enters

    • 1534 Jacques Cartier
    • Wanted to find the NW passage - He discovers Canada instead of the passage - He finds beaver fur - Samuel de Champlain - Builds a trading post called Quebec
  • French and natives

    They became business partners
    • The French hunters some got married with The Huron tribe woman They even gave the Huron guns- Eventually the natives caught the European dieses and many died
  • French South

    • Luis Joliet and Father Marquette explored the Mississippi- They conquered every land next to the river
  • Witch Trail

    • Massachusetts Elizabeth Paris - Abigail Williams Anna Putnam Have fits - Blame witches- Blame slaves and Poor people as witches- Cause is Fungi in food - 1697 it all stops

    - 3 branches of the US government How you become a President
  • The French return

    • They Discovered Louisiana
    • Name it after King Louis XIV
  • Roanoke

    • English join the party
    • The 1st attempt is Roanoke a.k.a North Carolina
    • Completely fails they diapered
  • 20 years later

    -144 settlers come to Virginia to create a colony - There town was called Jamestown - Food runs low - Start trading with natives - People start dying off by dieses- 500 people in Colony now - They have a new leader John Smith - He gets injured goes back to England
  • Starving time

    -food run low during winter -

    -People start eating each other

    -60 out of 500 survive -Get saved at spring -150 people and 100 soldiers come and the 60 go back-Life becomes better
  • The Dutch Enter

    • Henry Hudson - He finds a river claims it for Netherlands - It is now called the Hudson River - Became friends with Indians
  • New Amsterdam

    • was in English territorie
    • was a Dutch settelment
    • was located in new York
  • Peter Stuyvesant

    • goverend New Amesterdamn
    • Captured swidish colonys
    • was a mean govener
    • not many people liike him
  • new york

    • duke of york was sent to take over New Amsterdam
    • he brought 4 ships and 300 men
    • he sent a letter to surrender
    • after the dutch surrendered
    • he renamed new amesterdam to New York
  • 3 Branches

    • US constitution- Congress- The 7 articles - The 27 amendments
  • Supreme Court cases

    • Mapp vs. Ohio
    • NJ Vs. TLO
  • State government

    • Ohio History
    • Ohio government
  • Ohio Histoy

    • 1st capital
    • founeded
    • who started it
  • Civil Rights

    • Jim Crow
    • Emit till
    • Rosa Parks
    • SCLC
    • SNCC
    • NAAC
  • 1957 Arkansas

    • Little rock nine
    • 9 black High scholars who went to a all white school
  • 1963

    • MLK Jr. arrested
    • He sends his famous letter called a letter from Birmingham jail
    • He is set free He has his march
  • Black Nationalism

    • Marcus Garvey
    • Malcolm X
    • Huey Newton
    • Were mostly Violent Protesters
  • 4 Colonies

    • France
    • England
    • Spain
    • Netherlands
    • England established colonies for:
    • Natural resources
    • Lumber
    • Crops
    • Furs
    • Religious freedoms
  • The New England colonies

    • The middle colonies
    • The southern colonies
    • All of these regions had different ways of life
    • New England colonies
  • More Colonies

    Middle colonies
    - New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware
    The southern colonies
    - Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia
  • 1750

    • done with problems. Pretty developed by late 1700s.* Cheap land * Religious free* The colonists were learning to govern
    • Assemblies, governors, council * The colonists had more freedom than people in Europe