Social Cold War

Timeline created by Josu Sebal
In History
  • The Greek civil war

    It was a civil war of Greek between the government army and the democracy army. The soviet union was in that war.
  • The Nuclear race

    US start doing explosives with more than 30 megaton sof TNT for nuclear bombs.
  • The Berlin Blockade

    After WW2 Soviets take western of Berlin and cotroll ir. In 1948 to 1949 in Berlin was a crisis
  • The Hungarian uprazing

    Was a revolution against the soviet-imposed policies from 23 of october until 10 of November.
  • The Berlin Wall

    Berlin was divided because of US and URSS (east and west) from 1961 until 1981
  • The Cuban missile crisis

    Was a confrontation between US and URSS because the American discovery societ balistic missile deployment in Cuba.
  • The invasion of Czechoslovakia

    Was a invasion to Czechoslovakia by five warsaw countries.
  • The Vietnam war

    Was a conflict in vietnam. The country was divided by north (URSS and China) and south (US)
  • The invasion of Afganistan

    Wa a conflict between soviet army and the democratic republic of Afganistan.