• william dampier

    1688: William Dampier quote (page 7) “The Indigenous people were the most miserablest people in the world”
  • 11 ships

    On the 13th May 1787 and the First fleet of 11 ships set sail from Portsmouth, England, for the shores of Botany Bay.
  • the arival

    Upon arriving the Europeans regarded Aborigines as ‘noble savages’
  • no crops

    In 1788 the Europeans saw no crops or stock grown by Indigenous people implied that no one was using the land
  • smallpox

    it has killed half the indeginous people around port jackson
  • fearful aboriginies

    Aborigines were extremely fearful of Europeans Settlers
  • european settlers

    1829: European settlers established a colony on Swan River
  • nyungan

    1831: Nyungan shot by European Settlers while stealing food
  • myall creek

    Myall Creek Massacre
  • kurnai

    1858: Kurnai population had reduced from 2000 to 80
  • smallpox end

    the disease was decleared eliminated from the world