(SM) Incarceron, Catherine Fisher, 442

  • Pg. 1-67 Total: 67

    In these pages, Finn and Keiro trick another tribe in Incarceron and kidnap a woman named the Maestra. Their leader, Jormanric, wants to kill her but Finn talks him into selling her for ransom. This will give him time to talk to her because he believes he comes from Outside and she recognizes the birthmark on his wrist. Also, Claudia discovers that her wedding to the queen's son has been rescheduled to an earlier date and that the boy she was engaged to before has been killed by the queen.
  • Pg. 68-75 Total: 75

    In these pages, Claudia has dinner with the queen and Caspar, the queen's son. After the dinner, Claudia uses non-Era machines to sneak into her father's study and what she finds is unexpected.
  • Pg. 76-94 Total: 94

    In these pages, Claudia finds a crystal key in her father's study and sets off a bunch of alarms. Also, Finn tells the Maestra that she will be safe as long as her tribe pays the ransom. Then, she pays up and gives Finn a crystal key that her clan found and protected. According to legend, the key is supposed to be a way out of Incarceron but Finn, Gildas, Keiro, and Attia follow in Sapphique's footsteps to get out of the prison.
  • Pg. 95-115 Total: 115

    In these pages, Claudia realizes that her father knows that she took the key, but her and Jared are still determined to unlock its secrets. Also, Finn is devestated by the Maestra's death because he promised her she'd be safe. Finally, Finn and the others decide to leave their tribe and search for the way out of Incarceron with the help of Finn's memories and the key.
  • Pg. 116-123 Total: 123

    In these pages, Lord Evian talks to Claudia about the secrect organization called the Steel Wolves and how they want to overthrow the queen. Also, Finn and the others get caught by Jormanric who doesn't want them to leave.
  • Pg. 124-138 Total: 138

    In these pages, Keiro fights Jormanric to the death in order for everyone to escape. He wins but Jormanric tells Finn that the Maestra died because of Keiro, and Finn becomes skeptical. Also, Claudia goes with Jared into the maze behind the castle and talkes to him about the Steel Wolves. Plus, both Claudia and Finn discoverthat they can communicate by using the keys they both have.
  • Pg. 139-157 Total: 157

    In these pages, Claudia's father tells her that he knew that she got into his private study but that he was not upset, however, he didn't mention the key she stole. Also, Finn realizes that the slave he saved from Jormanric is a very clever girl. When they escape Jormanric, the key unlocks a door that leads to a metal forest, one that no one in the group had ever seen before. Finally, Claudia and Finn begin speaking through the keys for the first time.
  • Pg. 158-161 Total: 161

    In these pages, Claudia is re-encountering her talk with Finn and realizes his voice is slightly familiar. Also, she learns that her father and the queen are planning to get rid ofall of her former tutors and she is upset. Plus, Lord Evian explains further on what the Steel Wolves' plan is.
  • Pg. 162- 165 Total: 165

    In these pages, Claudia askes Lord Evian about Giles' death. Lord Evian replies that the only strange thing was that the boy's tutor had been shown the body but instead of crying and breaking down, he simply laughed. Also, Finn and the others continue along in the metallic forest.
  • Pg. 166- 173 Total: 173

    In these pages, Finn and Keiro and Attia cut up an animal to eat that Keiro had caught so they could survive. However, soon a violent wind picks up and all the metal leaves start blowing around and cutting Finn and the others. They find a hole and jump into it, hoping to wait out the storm in it. Also, Claudia talks to Caspar, her fiance and he tells her that he doesn't want to bring all her books to the palace and he thinks that she likes Jared.
  • Pg. 174- 190 Total: 190

    In these pages, Claudia gets upset and decides to ride out with Jared in search of Baartlett, the man who tutored Giles, and ask him why he laughed when Giles died. Also, Finn tries talking to Claudia again in secret, but Keiro and Gildas catch them. When Claudia and Jared reach Bartlett's house, they find him dead and realize that the queen must have done this to keep them from finding the truth. However, Claudia and Jared find a book that is his testament about Giles' death.
  • Pg. 191- 216 Total: 216

    In these pages, Claudi and Jared read the testament and realize that Giles was probably in Incarceron, not killed. Also, Claudia and Finn see each other for the first time and Claudia thinks Finn might be Giles. Also, Keiro and Gildas catch a glimpse of Claudia and Jared and then Finn and Gildas get caught in traps and carried off into the city as prisoners. Keiro takes the key and promises to save them.
  • Pg. 217-228 Total: 228

    In these pages, Finn and Gildas come before the court of the city they were kidnapped to and the judges sentence them to go satisfy the hunger of an age-old monster hiding in a cave by the city. Also, Claudia's father talks about her mother and why there are no pictures of her in their house.
  • Pg. 229-239 Total: 239

    In these pages, Attia doesn't trust that Keiro will keep his word and rescue Finn and Gildas so she tries to steal the key and Claudia appears on a hologram from th key and asks where Finn is. Claudia convinces Keiro to rescue Finn by saying that she will only help them escape if Finn is with them. Also, Finn and Gildas are fed a meal and sent to bed before their day of sacrifice to the beast the next day and Finn tells the prison that he will escape it and it repliesthat it is everywhere.
  • Pg. 240- 244 Total: 244

    In these pages, Caspar tells Claudia that he knows that she went to see Jared the night before and Lord Evian tells Claudia that the Steel Wolves need her or else they will die out and time will be stopped forever. No progress ever occurs. Also, Finn and Gildas begin their journey to the cave of the beast.
  • Pg. 245- 251 Total: 251

    In these pages, Finn starts to doubt that Keiro will show up as they walk down the streets of people to the cave. When they finally make it, they see that it is a cave underground and the guards give them weapons in a bag just in case. Also, Claudia and Jared finally arrive at the Glass Court, which, to them, is prison.
  • Pg. 252- 256 Total: 256

    In these pages, Finn and Gildas go down into the cave and have to climb under an extremely low ceiling and when they come out of the other side, they find themselves face to face with a huge, red eye. Also, Claudia feels nervous and scared about going to the Glass Court and meeting the queen and she doesn't want Jared to leave. Jared says that he will keek the key so he can study it and help Finn.
  • Pg. 257- 282 Total: 282

    In these pages, Finn talks to the beast who turns out to be the physical form of Incarceron and they talk. Also, Jared finds a code on the key that can hide the people in Incarceron from any survellince systems. Keiro find Finn and Gildas and goes in to rescue him and they try to escape by melting the rocks above with the key. An alarm sets off and Claudia follows her father and finds the entrance to Incarceron and tells Jared. Finn and the others also escape on a silver floating boat.
  • Pg. 283- 294 Total: 294

    In these pages, Finn and the others look around the laboratory of the man who rescued him and they see that he has a collection of glass speres of different sizes that have little worlds in them and that there are more speres within each sphere. Also, Blaize, the man who rescued them, says that there is no outside and that Claudia and Jared are in a different part of the prison. Then Claudia says that she found the entrance to Incarceron and Gildas asks if they know of Sappique and they say no.
  • Pg. 295- 300 Total: 300

    In these pages, Gildas and the others freak out that Claudia and Jared don't know of Sappique. Also, Claudia tries to jog Finn's memories of being Giles because she thinks he is Giles. Claudia says that she is going to come inside the prison to rescue them but the Lord Evian overhears their conversation and Claudia convinces him not to assasinate the queen.
  • Pg. 301- 312 Total: 312

    In these pages, Claudia tells Lord Evian that he isn't allowed to harm her father and he agrees. Also, Finn and the others find books in Blaize's library that contain all the information of everyone in Incarceron. Attia looks up Claudia's name but doesn't find anything and Keiro wants to leave but Blaize says they can't leave until he lets them.
  • Pg. 313- 323 Total: 323

    In these pages, Claudia and Jared sneak down to the gate of Incarceron and open it with the key. Inside they find the unexpected, a room identical to her father's study back at her home. She finds the hologram of the key that she left in the drawer and realizes it is the same room. She gets frustrated and leaves, but not with Jared for fear of being seen with him by Caspar or the queen.
  • Pg. 324- 357 Total: 357

    In these pages, Claudia tells Finn that the gate led nowhere and that she promises to find him. Also, Blaize says that he is letting Finn and the others go and gives them food before they leave but Attia's apple is poisoned and Finn saves her with one of Keiro's life rings. They escape on the silver boat. Also, Claudia's father reveals that he knows that she has his key. The queen also tells Claudia that after the wedding, Jared will be replaced and Claudia is furious.
  • Pg. 358- 362 Total: 362

    In these pages, Finn and the others ride the boat through and storm and are heading straight for the wall at the end of the world. They see a black cube and decide to ride into it. Also, Jared shows Claudia a patch of grass that when looked at under a microscope, she saw lions. Jared explains that Incarceron might be like this, infinately small. Finally, the boat that Finn and the others are riding on gets engulfed by the cube and the boat gets crushed and blackness is everywhere.
  • Pg. 363- 369 Total: 369

    In these pages, Claudia prepars for her wedding and realizes that Finn cannot be rescued but secretly wishes that she could just run away from this life that she led.
  • Pg. 370- 374 Total: 374

    In these pages, Claudia's father askes her for the key but she asks to say goodbye to Finn and the others. Also, Claudia talks with Finn and the others and tells them that there is no way out of Incarceron and that she is sorry. Also, Jared finds out that Lord Evian worships the Nine-Fingered one known as Sappique and he races to go tell Claudia.
  • Pg. 375- 387 Total: 387

    In these pages, Attia tells Claudia that her father isn't actually her father and that he took Claudia out of Incarceron when she was very young. Also, Jared tells Claudia and everyone else that Sapphique actually escaped. Then, Claudia rips up her wedding dress and Jared sends her into Incarceron through a portal and stalls her father and the queen by saying she has gone home. Lord Evian also tries to kill the queen, but dies instead.
  • Pg. 388- 396 Total: 396

    In these pages, Claudia enters Incarceron and begins speaking to it but Finn learns that it is trying to keep them apart. Also, Incarceron turns a wall into a magnet that attracts all metallic items to it and everyone escapes, except for Keiro wheo they all now know is a son on Incarceron, made from recycled parts.
  • Pg. 397- 410 Total: 410

    In thse pages, Claudia meets up with Finn and the others. Also, Jared is summoned by Claudia's father and they discuss where Claudia has gone, how she found out that he wasn't her father, how her father was jealous of howshe talked with Jared and how Jared should have done something about Lord Evian's plan.
  • Pg. 411- 442 Total: 442

    In these pages, Claudia's fther gives Jared Incarceron, a cube. Also, he speaks to the prison to make it stop tormenting Claudia and the others. Gildas dies because Finn puts him to rest by showing him the stars finally. They also find out that Keiro can't leave Incarceron so Claudia and Finn leave and promise to return to get Attia and Keiro. Finally, Claudia's father takes both keys and disappears into Incarceron for the good of everyone there.