(SM), 34 Pieces Of You, Carmen Rodrigues, 323

  • Chapter 1-5, pgs. 1-44

    In these chapters, Jessis and Jake discover that Ellie and Sarah overdosed on drugs and only Sarah survived. In the hospital, Sarah undergoes intensive therapy so the doctors know she will be okay. Also, earlier, before her death, Ellie's brother Jake leaves for college in New York and Ellie is very upset. It's very awkward back at Sarah's house though, and no one's quite sure how to react. Total: 1483
  • Chapter 5-7, pgs. 45-66

    In these chapters, Tommy comes over to comfort Sarah about the incident and they get into a fight over an affair he had with Ellie before her death. Jake also feels responsible for Ellie's death because he promised to come home if Ellie needed him, but the one time she did, he never came. Also, Jessie notices how weird her mother has been acting since Ellie's death. Total:1504
  • Chapter 7-14

    In these chapters, Jessie realizes how low Tommy is and how jerky Lola has become. Sarah recalls her first encounter with Ellie and Jake, and Jake finds the key to Ellie's room and goes in to see it again. Jessie's teacher is worried about her but ultimately lets the worries pass by, for now. Also, Meg rats out on Sarah that she's seeing Tommy and Lola reveals that she had a ralationship with him and that she smoked. Jake also feels extremely guilty about Ellie. Total: 1572