SLEE 303 Practicum C

  • Day 1

    Today I found quite overwhelming. There were a few of the children that kept me at arms distance and I realised it was going to be tough to establish relationships with these particular chidlren. That is my challenge for the next few day.
  • Day 2

    In an attempt to establish relationships with those chidlren who were a bit stand-offish yesterday, I took in a few of my fav chn's books and made the effort to read with them, one on one, where they were at the time, not structured, but just my voice and the story to complement their play.
  • day 3

    a busy day today... lots of little ones doing different things at different times and it got me thinking... "How would I manage this differently?" I think I would at least try and record somewhere each day what the parents share as they drop off the children... routines, last bottle, type of night/morning the child has had... and put this info in a place where all staff can access it throughout the day... you can't remember everything...