Slavery and States' Rights

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    Slavery and States' rights

  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    It allowed Kansas and Nebraska to decide whether they wanted slavory or not in their territory. Eventually Kansas was a slave free state
  • Dredd Scott Decision

    Dredd Scott Decision
    A law was pased that African Americans could not become American citizens. African Americans couldn't sue for freedom either
  • January 28 1861

    January 28 1861
    Texans met to decide wheather to scecced or not. Sam Houston said that secceshion whould be a bad idea.
  • Febuary 1, 1861

    Febuary 1, 1861
    Texas scecceded from the U.S.
  • Febuary 23 1861

    Febuary 23 1861
    Lincon avoids an assasination attempt by taking a different rout.
  • March 2 1861

    March 2 1861
    Congress makes ammendments to the constitution so the government couldn't interfier with slaves