Slavery and States' Rights

  • Kansas-Nebreaska Act

    Nebraska was to be divided into two units - Kansas and Nebraska.
  • Dred Scott decision

    In the Declaration of Independence, it says "All men are created equal." Someone said that, "It is too clear to dispute, that the enslaved African Race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration."
  • Call for Secession

    Houston wanted to secede Texas to the United States.
  • Texas is Seceded

    Sam Houston got want he wanted, Texas was seceded into the United States. Tensions are high though, from the ammount of slaves in the South.
  • Lincoln Almost Assassinated

    President Lincoln went to go to an important meeting, and was almost assassinated.
  • Protecting Slavery

    The United States made the amendment to protect slavery, but since others disagree, the Civil War would start.