Slavery and States' Rights

  • Kansas-Nebraska-Act

    The Kansas Nebraska Act allowed people to have the choice whether or not they wanted slavery in their territory.
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  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    Dred Scoot was a born-slave but when his master dies, he is followed by an abolitionist to help free the slaves.
  • Secession Convention of 1861

    Secession Convention of 1861
    This event was about a treaty to the Texas Annexation laws that "repealed and anulled" the laws. The voters aprroved of this 166 to 8.
  • Lincoln Assasanation Avoidancce

    Lincoln Assasanation Avoidancce
    On this day Lincoln was supposed to be assasanted. He knew of this, so he was directed to a train and escorted to Baltimore in disguise.
  • Amendment to US Constitution

    Amendment to US Constitution
    This amendment to the Constitution "prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with slavery in the southern states."