Skills Development from AS TO A2 - The Journey !

  • Bait Tutorial

    1) Cutting Shots,
    2) Ordering
    3) Sound Transition Here, during this early part of my entire course I had grasped how to cut and order shots but more importantly i learnt the importance of ensuring that sound does not vary blatently during transitions.
  • Film Swede - Scarface !

    1) Slow Motion
    2) Titles
    3) Music addition During October me and my AS group 23 had decided to use Scarface as a swede platform and on this occasion I had learnt how to create a slow motion effect on Final cut pro again. This time I had also embarked upon how to intertwine the tiles with music.
  • Shot by Shot remake !

    1) Cutting
    2) Ordering
    3) Credits / Titles Here, in December we were required to refilm an extract from a film ourselves and during this process i developed my skills on ordering scenes and credits and titles. However I found that cutting scenes and adding transitions is much harder and in order to perfect this you must be really carefull.
  • Match Cut Prelim !

    1) Repetition
    2) Transitions
    3) Sound buils up Here, whilst using Final cut pro in the post production phase again I developed my skills on transitions and I found it much easier on this case. I learnt also that repeating sounds or visual elements is not bad at all and in fact it can benefit you in many ways. I had also needed to understand how sound build up can affect the audience.
  • Thriller !

    1) Filters
    2) Slow Motion
    3) Speacial Effects In this specific part of the foundation portfolio I had come across filters and realised how they may make your product look proffesional. This is also te case with special effects but more importantly I used slow motion again which ensured that the specific scene of struggling came across as dramatic to the audience.
  • Lip Sync Tutorial !

    1) Base Track
    2) Adding Markers
    3) Sound Transition During a series of sessions on how to perfect lip syncing we had learnt the various tools functions which was crucial to the development of the final music video product.
  • Music Video Re-make !

    1) Selecting/disregarding
    2) Markers
    3) Repetition Here, it was nessecry to put our new sklls into action so that we could learn fron our mistakes, it helped tht we were re-making another music video so we could develop and reflect on our skills.
  • Music Video !

    1) De saturation
    2) Custom Fonts
    2) Foley Sounds During this eventfull and long process I had brught back some skills from the thriller project which lied espeacially in Final Cut Pro.
  • Ancillary

    1) Sharpen images
    2) Gradient adjustment
    3) Using layers Having nearly finished the practical side of the A2 work we had come across the Ancillary project and during this specific part i had to develop some new found skills on photoshop.