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  • Begginings

    In 1994 Ska-P was formed as a band and recorded their first CD called ska-p.
  • Toni leaves the group

    Toni leaves the group
    Their guitarist Toni Escobar left the group for a matter of time and the group looked for another guitarist. Finally Joxemi replaced Toni.
  • Out on sale "el vals del obrero"

    Out on sale "el vals del obrero"
    Their second cd "el vals del obrero" was released with success for example songs like El gato López, Animales de laboratorio and sexo y religión.
  • Eurosis

    Their 3rd cd, Eurosis, was released and they did a tour around South America and Europe.
  • Best time

    Best time
    "Planeta Eskoria" was released and they were in their best moment.
  • ¡Que corra la voz!

    ¡Que corra la voz!
    Their fourth cd "que corra la voz" was released.
  • Incontrolable

    They did a new tour for Europe and was released her fifth cd "incontrolable".
  • Pause indefinite

    Pause indefinite
    In 2005 Pulpul, the singer, annunced a temporary pause.
  • Return

    They returned with their cd "lágrimas y gozos" and they did a big tour.
  • 99%

    They released their last cd at the moment "99%".