SK This Is Not A Test Courtney Summers 326 pages

  • Chapter 1-10 pages 1-69

    We meet main charcter Sloane, and other characters. We find out that zombies are attacking her town, and that when Sloane's father was still alive, he abused her and her elder sister Lily, who ran away a while ago. When Lily ran away, Sloane lost her reason to live, and decided to die. Now that zombies are attacking, there are six teenagers, including Sloane who are all gathered in their high school as they wait for either the zombies to break in, or for government help to come. Pages read: 69
  • Pages 60-84

    Sloane finds out that Cary, one of her current friends and sister's old friend, knew that her sister was running away. This deeply upsets her because she didn't even know, even though her sister and her were bound at the hip. Then the gas station, about a mile away from the school, explodes, and all the zombies banging against the doors leave to go investigate. The students go through old lockers and find things that might be valuable to them.
  • 84-176 p4

    -laying on the ground.
  • 84-176 p1

    Trace has a freakout because he thinks that he sees his father outside of the school. He really wants to go bring him in but they have to be prepared in case of zombies. Sloane volunteers to go outside to see if it's Trace and Grace's father, and she plans to leave the school and let the zombies get her so she doesn't have to go on. But then Rhys volunteers to go with her. they get suited up, run outside and find it's not Trace's dad, when the zombies attack. there are five of them, and four get
  • 84-176 p2

    -distracted and go for the man they thought was Trace's father. But the fifth one goes after Sloane. Sloane really isn't upset, but Rhys keeps her going, until she falls and cracks her head on the cement. The zombie girl falls on top of her and is about to eat her face off, when Rhys spills her brains. They go back inside. They find a bottle of whiskey and decide to get drunk because it's the end of the world. The next morning Sloane wakes up first and hears footsteps. She is imagining it is her
  • 84-176 p3

    -father, so she stupidly goes after the shadow and footsteps when she comes across a man. She screams and runs back to the room with the rest of the kids and they search the school. They can't find any sign of the man Sloane saw, so they think she was hallucinating. After lunch, Rhys and Sloane decide the go upstairs. They are in one of their old teacher's rooms talking, when Cary comes in. Sloane hears a sound from the closet in the classroom and she opens the door to see the man from earlier
  • 176-267

    They wake up the man, but he turns out to be completely crazy. They see he has a bite mark on his shoulder and freak out, deciding he's a zombie. They decide to throw him out but before the do, he bites Cary. Cary doesn't get infected and they figure that the man must've not been a zombie after all. A few nights later, Sloane sees the man has broken into the building again, so everyone freaks out and they have to find how he got in. He thens turns into a zombie and jumps on Grace, when Trace
  • 176-267 p2

    shoots the gun as Sloane knocks the zombie man out of the way. Trace ends up shooting the zombie, but he looks, and they all se Grace has been shot, too. She dies in Trace's arms. The next morning, they hear a different announcement on the radio, one that says that survivor stations have been put up, and they decide to go to one.
  • 267-324

    It turns out that the nearest survivor station is one hundred miles from their current location. So they decide to pack backpacks with essentials, and head out. They run into a bathroom because zombies are after them. Then a random car alarm goes off, pulling the zombies attention away. The teens run out and into a suburb. Harrison jumps into a pack of zombies so the rest can fight their way into a house. They're inside, where Sloane sits down on the couch and falls asleep. She wakes up around
  • 267-324p2

    two hours later, and sees that Rhys is sleeping on the couch and Cary is sitting at the table. She asks him where Trace is, and he points upstairs. They decide they should get going so Cary wakes up Rhys and Sloane goes to see Trace, who is very depressed about Grace. She finds him in a bedroom with the gun they acquired. She sits next to him and he says, "I'm sorry." Sloane doesn't know why he's apologizing, and she says it's okay, and he shoots himself in the head. Somehow Sloane makes down-
  • 267-324

    stairs and Rhys and Cary and her get outside and run across the neighborhood with the Zombies close behind. They hop over someone's fence from their backyard into their front yard. They duck under the front porch as the zombies mill around looking for them. The teens stay there for hours until Cary tells Rhys and Sloane to get going whle he pops out of the porch and runs the opposite direction and the zombies follow him. Then Sloane and Rhys run to Sloane's old house and find her car there.
  • 267-324 p3

    Rhys and Sloane are delighted to see a full tank of gasoline. They get in and drive away, hopefully to the survivor's station. total pages read: 324