Sir Isaac Newton

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  • Sir Newton's birth

    Sir Newton's birth
    "On december 25, 1642 Issac Newton was born, he lived in Woolsthorpe, Licolnshire, England." (''Newton,Sir Isaac'').
  • Symbolism

    "[I chose a beaver because a beaver represents] energy, ambition and productivity. It is time to put your ideas into action. Hard work is necessary to achieve your own goals." He accoplished many goals and was a very hard work and ambition for scince.("Dream Modds")
  • Symbolism

    "Magenta represents kindness and compassion. You are ready to come out of some dark time." ("Dream Moods")
  • Newton's Family

    Newton's Family
    Newton was an only child; his fater died before Nweton was born and his mother remarried three years later.Eventually he lived with his grandmother.("Isaac Newton")
  • Issac's Eucation

    Issac's Eucation
    "He attended grammar school and later his abilitiies for science appeared. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge University after completing his primary education." ("Isaac Newton")
  • His Offered Position

    His Offered Position
    "Isaac was offered a position of the Lucasain Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge. This offer held up until 1701 the cause of this was for Newton's first discovery." ("Isaac Newton")
  • Who Visited Newton

    Who Visited Newton
    "Isaac had a theory and because of ithis a young astronomer can to visit him. His name is Edmond Halley, he wanted to investigate Newton's laws of motion." ("Issac Newton")
  • Isaac's First Famous Work

    Isaac's First Famous Work
    "Mr. halley made Newton's first work famous by financing the publication. His work was called Philosphiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica." ("Isaac Newton")
  • Public Arena

    Public Arena
    "Between the Anglican Cambridge University and the Catholic king of England, James ll; Isaac entered a public arena over religon dispute." ("Isaac Newton")
  • A Mental Breakdown

    A Mental Breakdown
    "He suffered a mental breakdown and withdrew into his previous solitary state." Most scientis usually have a mental breakdownevery once in a while of their life. ("Isaac Newton")
  • Isaac's Heath

    Isaac's Heath
    :"In two years he recovered and called back the public office." ("Isaac Newtown")
  • His Election

    His Election
    "Isaac was elected president of thhe Royal Society and relected for the next 25 years. He was also knighted by Queen Anne by 1705." ("Isaac Newton")
  • Newton's Death

    Newton's Death
    Newton lived a very scientific life with some ups and downs. "He died March 20, 17127 in London, England." ("Isaac Newton")