Simone De Beauvoir

  • Up Bringing

    1914 (young girl)
    Up Bringing
    Simones father would have her engaged in literature from a young age which taught her young to read and write which led her father to being disappointed in her.
    I believe this event helped her advocate because her father teaching her these things young caused her to reach more into literature and eventually want to go study school and she reached goals and passing exams beating all the men except one her first go round.
  • Atheism

    1922 (age 14)
    Being raised catholic she declared to be an atheist at 14.
    I believe this event influenced Simone to advocate for gender equality because the catholic religion is based on the bible and teaches that women are not a mans equal but less then so becoming atheist helped her believe that women can be and are equal to men and some times better. Which in the end led her to study and teach philosophy.
  • Catholic School

    1925 (Teenager)
    Catholic Friend
    While being educated in a catholic all girls school she met her bestfriend who eventually had an arranged marriage and died shortly after.
    This event had Simone mindset change and made her find the things she loved and she choose to live how she wanted to I believe it led her to be in a lot of sexual encounters and not become a housewife or mother as typical women.
  • Abortion Rights

    Abortion Rights
    Watching her mother do daily women chores (cooking, cleaning, taking cares of the kids) which she saw that were taking her moms enegy and time.
    This event helped Simone advocate for gender equality because she didnt want to be a mother she felt that no woman had to have kids or get married if they didnt want to. She became part of the movement that helped put the french womens liberation movement in signing the manifesto for abortion rights.