Silk Road

  • 100

    The Horse

    The horse is domesticated. It is important for traveling and transportation
  • Period: 100 to Feb 8, 1500

    Silk Road Timeline

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    The Silk is Made !!!

    China made silk. And this is important because it tells how silk was made
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    The Camel

    This is important because it is used for desert travel
  • 130

    The Roman War

    The roman trade to India start a war between the Roman and the greeks
  • 150

    Mountain Nomadism

    Mounted Nomadism spreads in the area around China/Europe. And this is of significance, because it allows more possibilites for trade
  • 200

    The Beginning of Trade

    China begins to find out about commerical ways of transporting silk. This is of significance because the material of silk is seeming of desire to all, as many people want it.
  • 200

    China Adopts

    China adopts Mounted Nomadism. This is of significance because horses and camels will be used to ride around more, and the Chinese mobile, spreading around.
  • 225

    The Paper

    Paper is first made in China, in 300 BCE. This is important because it allows for records to be kept in a way, possibly such as records kept about trading to over people/countries.
  • 250

    Buddhism Spreading

    Buddhism spreads north, from India. This is of significance because along with Buddhism spreading north, the people will go to other countries, in hopes of spreading their religion, possibly coming home to India with silk, sparking more interest in the prized material.