Map of australia

Significant Events In Australian History

By VinBe5a
  • Aboriginal Resistance

    Aboriginal Resistance
    In 1790 Pemulway and his son Tedbury try to stop the Europeans from taking over their land and make an Aboriginal resistance. This makes many Europeans threatened and Aboriginal people are killed. They steal items from the Europeans such as food and cloths.
  • Birth of James Stirling

    Birth of James Stirling
    James Stirling was teh 5th child out of 15 kids from Andrew Stirling of Scotland.
  • Period: to

    Life in Australia is Different

    In 1800 there are more men than women. The food supplies are really low because the Australian soil looks good enough but its not like England and all the crops are failing and most of the clothes are left behind at England. For the people who have clothes, the clothes are not suitable for the weather. The summer ones are very hot and the winter ones are very cold. They rarely get new clothes.
  • Govenor Lachlan Macquarie

    Govenor Lachlan Macquarie
    In 1810 Governor Lachlan Macquarie arrives in NSW to reimpose the British government’s control. Lachlan makes the first proper colonial police force and that effects the stealing and theft and stops people from more likely stealing. The rich are happier because it’s less likely that they will be robbed.
  • Navy

    When James Stirling was 12 he went to the navy and volunteered . December 7 1818 he got half pay. In1829 he declared Western Australia as a new territory. He became Governor in 1831.
  • Aboriginals and Europeans

    Aboriginals and Europeans
    In 1820 the population of people in NSW is nearly 24 000. The Aboriginals get very angry and start burning and stealing even more than in the past. Many more people die from the fighting. Having left food behind in England, the supplies of the Europeans are limited. Even more than before the Europeans are also stealing Aboriginal canoes. Things get out of control.
  • Convict Assignment System is stopped

    Convict Assignment System is stopped
    In 1837 The British government decides to stop the convict assignment system. Convicts will not be given to settlers to work as shepherds. This makes some people happy to stop working as a shepherd and some not because they would have to go to a even worse job or not have a job at all.
  • Squatting Laws

    Squatting Laws
    1846 The British government makes laws for squatters allowing them to stay on land without paying rent for 14 years. This makes some people happy because previously they only got around 7-10 years without having to pay rent. Some people got angry because they were able to stay a lot longer.
  • Gold Rush In Bathurst

    Gold Rush In Bathurst
    1851 A lot of gold is found near Bathurst NSW so everyone rushes to Bathurst to look for gold. This means a lot of people come to NSW and many more miners come to Australia without a licence. Because of this reason, more people are getting arrested.
  • First Melbourne Cup

    First Melbourne Cup
    1861 marks the first Melbourne cup race. A man from Sydney called Archer wins and gets the prize of 710 gold sovereigns and a hand beaten gold watch. From this more people want to come and watch the Melbourne cup and some train to compete in it and try to win to get that major prize.
  • Death of James Stirling

    Death of James Stirling
    James Stirling died in 1865 of old age in Surrey England.
  • Period: to

    Ned Kelley

    In 1878-1880 a man called Ned Kelly and his gang steal riches and shoot many police officers and random people. This causes many people to be frightened and scared of him. He becomes known for wearing a bucket on his head to protect him from police bullets.
  • Parliment

    In 1901 The parliament sets up in Melbourne which will be the temporary capital for the next 27 years. This affects the way people wanted to stay here because a lot of people think this will make Australia a better county.