Huckfinn from pd book 1

Significant Events from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By pdailey
  • Huck's New Life

    Huck's New Life
    Huck tries to refuse being civilized by Miss Watson, the woman looking after him. He is forced to remain with her when he really wants to join Tom Sawyer's new gang of Robbers
  • Pap Returns

    Pap Returns
    Pap comes back and wants Huck's money. He convinces the jugde to give him custody of Huck again because that is where he belongs
  • Huck Escapes Pap

    Huck Escapes Pap
    Huck fakes his death in order to escape Pap. He is tired of living in the fear of being beat by Pap. Huck escapes to Jackson Island. There Huck meets a run away slave named Jim.
  • A Flood

    A Flood
    A storm causes a flood of the island. Jim and Huck discover a log cabin as they move to escape the flood. There is a dead body in the cabin and Jim refuses to let Huck see who it is and they leave. Huck later learns that it is his father.
  • On the River

    On the River
    Huck and Jim have to leave the island because someone noticed smoke coming from the island. They get a raft and head toward the free states. They escape Pirates on their trip to the mouth of the Ohio River and take their gold.
  • The Trip Separation

    The Trip Separation
    Due to foggy conditions, Huck and Jim miss the mouth of the Ohio River and have a run in with a group of men. Huck quickly makes up a story to scare the men off . He and Jim continue down the river. A steam boat destroys their raft and Huck and Jim become separated.
  • Huck Finds Jim

    Huck Finds Jim
    Huck meets a nice southern family when he becomes separated from Jim. They are fueding with another family and Huck gets cought up in the situation. During this, he finds Jim with a repaired raft. The two set off again.
  • Scam Artists

    Scam Artists
    Huck and Jim meet two men that are con men. They travel along with them as they pretend to be a family member of a man and collect his fortune. They go to the house with the scammers and meet three girls. Huch starts to like and girls and decides to forget the plan of the scam artists.
  • The Get Away

    The Get Away
    Huck puts the gold in the coffin of the dead man. He reveals everything to the man's niece. The two scam artists are revealed when the real family arrives. The two men escape due to confusion. They jump on the raft just as Huck and Jim were about to set off.
  • The Worst Scam Yet

    The Worst Scam Yet
    The Duke and King sell Jim to a farmer, their worst scam yet. Huck finds the house where Jim is in chains and realizes that it is Tom Sawyer's relatives. The aunt mistakes Huck for Tom and welcomes him in the house.
  • The Plan to Free Jim

    The Plan to Free Jim
    Huck meets Tom and forces him to help free Jim. Tom comes up with an elaborate plan to free Jim. After alot of preparation, Jim was free.
  • Freedom

    Tom got shot in the leg after freeing Jim. Huck is forced to get a doctor and they end up back where they started. The next day, Tom tells Huck that Miss Watson died two months earlier and according to her will, Jim is a free man. The escape plan was just a game for Tom.
  • Moving On

    Moving On
    After Tom's Aunt Sally realizes that Huck's father is dead, she wants to adopt Huck. He has had enough of family life and decides that he wants to go west and start over.