• Apr 18, 1200


    The first shoes ever made were in Mesopotamia 1600-1200
  • Native American

    Native American
    Native Americans wore moccasins.
  • How shoes looked like

    How shoes looked like
    As late as 1850 most shoes were made by straight lasts
  • Shoes

    shoes were made like the ones in Egyption used in the 14th century B.C.
  • Shoes

    Payless was a self-service shoe chains began in US.
  • The Machine

    The Machine
    Lyman Blake a shoemaker made a machine for sewing the soles of shoes
  • Shoes

    John A. Frye (d.1911), a shoemaker from England, made a Frye Boot company in the US
  • Machine

    Charles Goodyear made a machine for sewing shoes.
  • Machine

    a machine was made for making a different type of shoe was developed
  • Shoe brands

    Shoe brands
    The US had under 30 different brand names for shoes.
  • Rubber heel

    Rubber heel
    The first rubber heal was made
  • First Sneaker

    First Sneaker
    The first Sneaker was made.
  • Rolling machine

    Rolling machine
    In 1845 the Rolling Machine was made
  • First Sport Sandal

    First Sport Sandal
    The first Sport Sandal was made.
  • Plimsolls

    Plimsolls were made and sold in the US in the late 1800s