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  • Onew was born

    Onew was born
    Lee Jin Ki was born in Gwangmyeong, Corea del Sur.
  • Jonghyun was born.

    Jonghyun was born.
    Kim Jong Hyun was born in Seúl, Corea del Sur.
  • Key was born.

    Key was born.
    Kim Ki Bum was born in Daegu, Corea del Sur.
  • Minho was born.

    Minho was born.
    Choi Min Ho was born in Incheon, Corea del Sur.
  • Taemin was born

    Taemin was born
    Lee Tae Min was born in Dongbong-gu, Seoul.
  • Jonghyun's audition

    Jonghyun's auditon
    In 2005 he auditioned for the SM Entreteinment and he was selected for working in the business workink like trainee for three years.
  • Onew's audition

    Onew's audition
    Onew's audition
    When he was in the Girls' generation's (SNSD) showcast debut, Lee So Man (founder of SM Entreteinment) looked at him and he wanted listen to him in an audition.
  • Key's audition

    Key's audition
    Key's audition
    Key was a team of skier talent in the middle school of Daegu, Young Shin Middle School. We won the S.M. National Tour Audition Casting and started to work in the SM Entreteinment.
  • News.

    The SM Entreteinment announsed a new band called SHINee in Internet.
  • 누난너무예뻐 (Replay)'s teaser

    누난너무예뻐 (Replay)'s teaser
    Replay's teaser
    Replay is in the oficial webside of SHINee.
  • 누난너무예뻐 (Replay)'s video

    누난너무예뻐 (Replay)'s video
    Replay's video.
    ¡The first viedo of SHINee is released!
  • 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) first mini album realised.

    누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) first mini album realised.
  • Debut

    Oficial debut in SBS Inkigayo.
  • Dream concert

    Dream concert
    Dream concert
    SHINee made de dream concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium whit others famous korean bands like Epik High, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ and the Wonder Girls.
  • SHINee's showcase

    SHINee's showcase
    SHINee's showcase
    SHINee made them showcase in the SM Dance Showcase.
  • The SHINee World

    The SHINee World
    The first album was released.
    The first single of the album was 산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)
  • 5th Asia Song Festival

    5th Asia Song Festival
    SHINee participated in the 5th Asia Song Festival and won the "Best New Artist" with Berryz Kobo.
  • AMIGO/A.Mi.Go.

    A repackage album of "The SHINee World" was released called "Amigo". It had three new songs:
    Forever or never
    사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)
    And the principal song was 아 미. 고. (Amigo) it's a abridged version of a korean phrase "Areumdaun Minyeorueljoahamyeon Gosaenghanda" (Heart Aches When You Fall In Love With a Beauty).
  • Romeo

    The second mini album Romeo, with the song Juliette
  • 2009, Year of Us

    2009, Year of Us
    The third mini album called 2009, Year of Us and the first single was released in October 14th og 2009: Ring ding dong
  • Lucifer

    The second album was Lucifer and the single released in the same day with the equal name.
  • Hello.

    The album Lucifer was relaunched like a reissued with the name Hello and the video of the first single was released in octuber 4th of 2010 with the same name.
  • SHINee World

    SHINee World
    SHINee started with them first concert tour called "SHINee World". They made a celebration in them concert in the Yoyogi National Gymnasium ei Tokio. The event had an audience with 24.000 concertgoers.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it4dvCkmVY4

    The first DVD made in Japan like them first concert there, called SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN JAPAN."SHINee WORLD".
  • Abbey Road Studios of Londres

     Abbey Road Studios of Londres
    SHINee made history for be the first asiatic artis whose a presentation in the Abbey Road Studios of Londres.
  • 君は僕の - Replay (Everything).

    君は僕の - Replay (Everything).
    The japanese version of Replay whit Universal Music bussines.
  • Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour

    Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour
    The Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour started.
  • Juliette

    A remake japanese of Juliette.
  • Lucifer.

    A remake japanese of Lucifer.
  • 6th London Korean Film Festival.

    6th London Korean Film Festival.
    SHINee was invited for be the open act of the 6th London Korean Film Festival.
  • Concert in London.

    Concert in London.
    SHINee celebrate them first gala concert of an hour and the tikets sold out in a minute. And Key,, Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin and Minho are the first koreans who has a independ concert in London.
  • The first.x

    The first.x
    he first japanese album with the bonus track Stranger.
  • The Warmest Gift

    The Warmest Gift
    SHINee participated in the 2011 Winter SMTown, the album The Warmest Gift with a cover of the "Last christast" song.
  • Sherlock japanes version.

    Sherlock japanes version.
    The japanes mini album sherlock with only two songs: Sherlock and Keeping Love Again.
  • Sherlock.

    The fourth korean mini album Sherlock was released.
  • SHINee World 2012

    SHINee World 2012
    SHINee sterted them second tour concert in all Japan called SHINee World 2012 with 20 concerts in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokio and Hiroshima.
  • Dazzling Girl.

    Dazzling Girl.
    SHINee release them fifth japanese single called Dazzling Girl and with the song Run with me.
  • SHINee My Love

    SHINee My Love
    The first social game of SHINee. The game is used in social networks of games for Android and iOS.
  • 1000 年, ずっと そば に い て ... (1000 Years, Always By My Side...).

    1000 年, ずっと そば に い て ... (1000 Years, Always By My Side...).
    SHINee released them sixth japanes mini album called 1000 Years, Always By My Side, with the first song with the same name in two versions the short and longer.

    SHINee release the second DVD called SHINee THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR"SHINee WORLD 2012".
  • SHINee's Wonderful Day.

    SHINee's Wonderful Day.
    In February 3th of 2013 the MBC announced that SHINee going to have a special program of the "New moon year" called SHINee's Wonderful Day. The first episode it aired in February 10th 2013. In you can see to SHINee's members visiting several contries. For the special Key and Minho visited England, Jonghyun Japan, Taemin Switzerland and Onew Thailand.
  • Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of You

    Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of You
    The Misconceptions Of You is the thirth album, but it was in two parts, the first called Dream Girl.
  • Fire.

    SHINee released the seventh japanes album, Fire.
  • Jonghyun's accident.

    Jonghyun's accident.
    Jonghyun was involved in a car accident after hitting a barrier of the bridge in Gangnam, as he headed back to the apartment in which he lives with the members of SHINee. He wasn't under the influence of alcohol during the accident. But the only lesion he has broken nose and he has a surgey for it. because of this he could not record the video for her third album, neither in the promotions.
  • Why So Serious?

    Why So Serious?
    The Misconceptions Of You is the thirth album, but it was in two parts, the second called Why So Serious?
  • Breaking News.

    Breaking News.
    The first single Breaking News.
  • Boys Meet U.

    Boys Meet U.
  • Boys Meet U

    Boys Meet U
    SHINee released them eighth album in japanese, Boys Meet U.
  • Everybody japanes version

    Everybody japanes version
  • 3 2 1 Drama Version

  • Everybody (Breakbeat Remix By DJ CONAN)

    Everybody (Breakbeat Remix By DJ CONAN)
  • 3 2 1

    3 2 1
  • SHINee World III

    SHINee World III
    SM Entreteinment announsed SHINee´s thirth solitary concert in Korea. Later annoused concerts in lationamerica, and the name for this tour was: SHINee World III
  • announcement Ambassador Gangnam-gu.

    The announcement Ambassador Gangnam-gu, Shin Yeon Hee, announced that SHINee has been appointed as honorary ambassadors Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
  • Lucky Star

    Lucky Star
  • I'm your boy

    I'm your boy