Shelgree TMTT Timeline

  • Sequence #1

    Sequence #1
    Benno’s happy life is starting to get worse. His parents have made a decision to ship them away to Holland. Picture by: Daniel*1977
  • Sequence #2

    Sequence #2
    Benno and Heinz have now left this morning on the train to go to Holland and be safe. Picture by: Paraclafoto
  • Sequence #3

    Sequence #3
    The boys have arrived at Emmakinderhuis trying to live a happy life. Picture by: Jason Tavares
  • Sequence #4

    Sequence #4
    Heinz and Benno have been travelling all over Holland. Picture by: Ramocchia
  • Sequence #5

    Sequence #5
    Benno is now happily living his life with wife and family in Toronto, Canada. Picture by: Wherever l Roam