Shawn Johnson

  • When she was Born

    When she was Born
    Born in Des Moines Iowa.
  • When she was Introduced.

    When she was Introduced.
    At the age of three her parents introduced her to gymnastics.
  • Meeting Laing Chow

    Meeting Laing Chow
    She became a student with Laing Chow when she was six.
  • First Competition

    First Competition
    Shawn was seven when she entered her first competition.
  • At the Olyimpics.

    At the Olyimpics.
    At the age of sixteen, she went to the Olympics in Beijing, China. Johnson was named the Woman's Balance-beam gold medalist, scoring 16.255 points. She also won three silver medals for the woman's team competition, idividual all-around, and floor exercise.
  • Dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars
    Following the Beijing Olympics, she competed on season 8 of Dancing with the Stars, and won. She plans to go back for season 15 in 2012.
  • Skiing Accident

    Skiing Accident
    In early 2010, Shawn tore her ACL, a major knee ligament, while skiing and was forced to indergo reconstructive knee surgy. Onlt four months later, she announced her plans to begin training for the 2012 Olympics in London.
  • Retiring

    Shawn Johnson's hopes came to and end after she announced that she would be retiring from Competitive Gymnastics. After she had tore her ACL and MCL she did'nt think she could withstand the wear of Olympic training.