Shakeil Pinder's Family Timeline

By Shak
  • Mother moved to Canada

    Mother moved to Canada
    Mother moved to Canada in the year 1988
  • Marriage

    My Father and Mother got Married
  • Father moved to Canada

    Father moved to Canada
    Father Moved to Canada in 1989 to live with my Mother
  • Uncle Raymond

    Uncle Raymond
    Uncle Raymond was in a professional college basketball league and experience many muscel issues and was forced to come out
  • Great Grandmother's death

    Great Grandmother's death
    The death of my Great Grandmother, passed away due to Cancer
  • Uncle Bobby

    Uncle Bobby
    My Uncle named Bobby passed away due to a heart attack
  • Cousin Sheral

    Cousin Sheral
    Died due to not having blatter affection treatment
  • Miami

    Family traveled to Miami and got to attend disney world,
  • Barbados

    Family trip to barbados to visit our family.
  • Cousin Lita

    Cousin Lita
    Cousin Lita died at the age of 76, due to cancer
  • Chicago basketball tournament

    Chicago basketball tournament
    Family went to Chicago to watch me play basketball at the best buy classic tournament
  • Wilson Chandler

    Wilson Chandler
    Meeting Wilson Chandler the NBA professional basketball player