Seven Phases of the Slave Trade

  • Travel to the European Country to Africa

    The Europeans set saild to Africa because the percentage of indentured servitude declined. With the high demand on products they had to find people to do the labor for them. Knowing this fact they crossed the Atlantic ocean so they could find workers.
  • Period: to

    Europeans travel to Africa

    Europeans are traveling to Africa. While African's are gathering slaves for the ships
  • Period: to

    Slave trade timespan

    Slaves start to accumulate onto the ships. Africans start to fill empty spaces
  • The Initial Capture of Slaves

    Since the Europeans arrived, the Africans were bribed to sell out their country men in exchange for goods and money. Due to the constant demand many African's used this opportunites to take revenge or profit for this trade. Other African's started to be cautious for the betrayal of their own blood, friends, and enemies.
  • Period: to

    Slaves are being loaded onto ships

    As African's are being placed onto the boats
  • The Atlantic Passage

    Slaves boarded the ships and were taken down to the cargo hold, The Europeans stacked African's closely together to make more room for others. The mean were down in the hold while some of the woman were on deck. As the journey continued manu slaves would have died because of diseases, infections, hunger etc.
  • Loading of Slaves

    During the accumulation of small amounts of Africans others continued to capture others. After the slave count reaches a certain amount they're loaded onto the ship. The ships were either used to trade goods, gain prisoners etc.
  • Holding of Prisoners

    Africans were being captured by other Africans. Soon off the Europeans placed in a safe place so they couldn't esacape. This made sure that the European "goods" were kept safe from others. Many captives were placed in small places to make more space for the slaves that they may recieve.
  • The Initial Landing and Enslavement

    The Initial Landing and Enslavement
    Arriving onto the docks the remaining slaves were brought out and inspected. People from the dock would test the slaves to see how long it would take to "break them". The men and woman would go through man hardships during this process. Europeans wanted to break the slaves so they would be obedient to their masters and follow simple orders.
  • Relocation to the Other West Atlantic sites

    Relocation to the Other West Atlantic sites
    Some slaves were placed to their individual masters and set to start their work. The life of their enslavement begins. They start to understand how being a slave in America trully is different from Africa.