Seven Phases of the Slave Trade

By DT5666
  • Travel from European Country to Africa

    Europeans traveled from America to Africa. They traveled their to trade goods for people. This was the start of African slaves
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    Travel to Africa

  • Initial Capture

    Africans captured other Africans and traded them for imported goods. Africans would help the Europeans enslave other Africans so they wouldn't be enslaved themselves.
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    Initial Capture

  • Holding Prisons

    These are the places they would hold the slaves. They held the slaves captive at these prisons until they had enough to go back to America. They stayed at these prision for about 4 months.
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    Holding Prisons

  • Loading

    They were loading small groups onto ships. They loaded 2-8 people on the ships per day. this took them about 6 months to put all the slaves onto the ships.
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  • Atlantic passage

    They sailed from Africa to the America chained together and stacked on top of eachother. People got sick, had children, and died on these boats. The Europeans did not care.
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    Atlanic Passage

  • Initial Landing and Enslavement

    They called this the "breaking prrocess". This is where they gave them chritian names and started to make them speak the Europeans language. this took up to 3 years.
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    Initial Landing and Enslavement

  • Relocation to other west Atlantic sites

    They worked and worked for the rest of their lives. They got traded to new masters seperated from their families and they where whipped for everything they did wrong they would try to escape but for the most part it didnt work out. This was for the rest of their lives.