Africans struggle for Equality

  • Feb 16, 1441

    The first exchange of slaves

    The first exchange of slaves
    The first slaves were brought to Portugal in 1441 for Prince Henry. This was not the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade, It was just the discovery of using slaves as a means of trade.
  • Feb 16, 1455

    Slave Auction

    Slave Auction
    By 1455, 800 Africans were transported to Portugal annually. That same year a large slave auction in Lagos was held it was said to be a disturbing site. Analysis: This shows that Portugal started using slaves regularly, They transported new ones every year showing that they were slowly growing dependent on their services.
  • Feb 16, 1470

    Establishment of slave ports

    Establishment of slave ports
    By the 1470s Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, became the country's main slave port. Analysis: This is the first time in history that a slave port was established showing that slavery was becoming part of society.
  • First slaves in America

    First slaves in America
    In 1619 a dutch ship with 20 Africans landed in the American colonies and were traded for food and supplies. This was the earliest evidence of the presence of slaves. Analysis: This shows the start of slavery in the United states which in turn leads to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
  • January 1639/40-ACT X.

    January 1639/40-ACT X.
    All persons except negroes to be provided with arms and ammunition or be fined at pleasure of the Governor and Council. Analysis: This law is showing that they don't trust African Americans, and view them as being harmful individuals.
  • 1662-ACT XII.

    1662-ACT XII.
    All children borne in this country shalbe held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother, Analysis: This law is saying if an African women have a baby with a white men then the baby is born a slave. This law is also showing rather than just being imported to America as slaves, slaves are being to be born in America.
  • Marriage laws

    Marriage laws
    This Virgina law states that any white women who marries an African American man would be banished. This law shows that not only are they unexcepting of black people but also of people that choose to associate with them. Showing zero tolerance.
  • Stono Rebellion

    Largest slave revolt in the colonial period, a slave named Jemmy led 100 African Americans into a store and killed serveral white neighbors, they were all shot dead. Analysis: Shows that slaves are starting to organize themselves formally and fighting for their freedom.
  • African American Soldiers

    African American Soldiers
    There is not a war that African Americans did not fight it. In January 1776 the ban on black enlistment was lifted. Even though they were sacrificing their lives to fight for America they were still treated unequally, they served in segregated units. People in the south were arguing whether black soldiers should even be armed. Even with the high level of commitment shown through the black community they were still treated as inferior, when all they wanted to do was fight for their country.
  • William lloyd Garrison

    William lloyd Garrison
    He was a writer for the Genuis of Emancipation newspaper, he wanted immedate freedom of slaves. He often wrote black lists that talked all about the barbarites of slavery. In one he accused Francis Todd a neighbor of his for shipping slaves to New Orleans. Todd filled a suit against him, he was found guilty and had to pay court costs. This shows that even with the support of influental white men, blacks were still struggling because they were extremely outnumbered, whites being more powerful.
  • Nat Turner rebellion

    Nat Turner rebellion
    Nat Turner was a preacher who claimed he was told by God that it was his life journey to free slaves from bondage. He lead a slave rebellion, at least 60 whites were killed and at least 100 blacks. He was in hiding for about six weeks before he was captured. This shows that slaves had no way to turn, even with the help of his fellow slaves his rebellion was still unsuccessful because overall whites had more power and resources.
  • minstrel shows

    minstrel shows
    Minstrel shows were popular in the 19th century, where white actors dressed up as black folk and acted out sterotypes. This performance showed that whites not only viewed black people as inferior but also used them as a form of entertainment, showing that they had no respect.
  • kkk

    December 1865 a group of six men in Tennessee organized a social club the Ku Klux Klan a group dedicated to negatively pin pointing African Americans. Analysis: This is showing that people are no longer only mistreating slaves but also dehumanizing them.
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    1876 was the year that Jim Crow laws started to form. They were laws that made segregation a common thing. They made facilites 'seperate but equal' The white facilites of course being far superior. This only proved that whites are too superior to be in the same area as black people. The phrase 'seperate but equal' was a loop whole that made the law happen. These laws were showing black people how little control they have over their lives.
  • Lynchings

    1890 was the first year that lynchings started to become popular. It was a dehumanizing way that whites could assert their power over blacks. This made it hard for them to take a stand against racial oppresion considering that they would be killed.
  • Chicago race riot

    Chicago race riot
    A black teenage boy was drowned after he passed an invisible line that segregated black and white beaches. This may have been the result of a recent migration of many black citizens. whites were afraid they would take jobs so a riot broke out for seven days. Officers could not contain the violence, and it took the state milita to contain the crowd. This shows that whites would degrate and mistreat black citizens as a way to take out anger on their problems in society.
  • Tulsa Race Riots

    Tulsa Race Riots
    A black man named Dick Rowland walked into an elevater with a white woman. He heard a woman scream, got nervous and ran out, shortly after he was accused of sexual assult against the woman. He went to court, and outside of the courthouse 75 armed men were waiting to defend him, one accidentally shot was fired, and the riots began. This shows the common sterotypes that black men were savage, and out to harm any white especially if it was a women. A whole riot started out of nothing.
  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson became a major league baseball player a year before the army became integrated. Even though he got that far he still underwent major insults from racist fans and even got cleated by a spiteful oppenent. He only reacted by playing better on the baseball field and never got violent. This shows that even though he was obviously a well established, mature black man people could not accept the fact that he deserved to be there, because he had great talent and a positive attitude.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    December 1, 1955 rosa parks boarded a Montgomery bus and refused to give up her seat when asked, this started a new era in the American quest for freedom and equality. Analysis: This shows that Africans are starting to rebel and stand up for there rights. Rather than let it happen they are starting to act on it.
  • Woolworths sit in

    Woolworths sit in
    Four college students sat down at Woolworths counter and asked for service, Anne Moody was one of the participants. A couple white white citizens sat in as well after a while. This shows their struggle for living even a simple life, and how they are denied basic rights even after peacefully protesting. This also shows how not only were African Americans fed up with the mistreatment but whites were also recognizing it as cruel and were willing to stand up for thier fellow citizens.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Was the first girl to attend an all white school. Parents pulled their kids out of class refusing to have them be in the same class as a black person and protested outside of the school. This shows that it's not only government laws that are holding back African Americans but its also peoples refusal to change their views. Even though she earned her education by taking a test to get into the school, people still viewed her as inferior.
  • The Big Four

    The Big Four
    The big four were a group of police officers that would walk around looking for bars to raid and prostitutes to catch. They could stop anyone on the street and ask for identification, if they did not have it with them they would be arrested. This was just one incident that showed how officals could missuse their power to assert unfair authority over black people.
  • Birmingham church bombing

    Birmingham church bombing
    Following the march on Washington a baptist church was bombed in Alabama right before a church service. This specific church was a common meeting place for civil right leaders. The clash between protesters and police officers drew national attention. Even though the March on Washington was a peaceful protest, whites still found it as threatening and again used violence to show they still had power over them.
  • Boycott of New Orleans

    Boycott of New Orleans
    In 1964 right before the All star game a number of black players were refused service by hotels and businesses. They moved the game to Jeppesen Stadium in Houston. This was the first boycott by a professional sports event of an entire city. This boycott shows that African Americans were no longer simply dealing with inequality they were standing as a united front to show that they were supported of the rights of their fellow team mates.
  • Mississippi Freedom summer

    Mississippi Freedom summer
    In the summer of 1964 1,000 activists went to Mississippi, majority of them being white college students, to teach in Freedom Schools, register voters, and organize the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party. On June 21st three civil rights workers went missing. They were found a couple weeks later to have been murdered by a KKK member. Two of the activists were white. This shows no matter how much support blacks had from the white society there would always be powerful racists to overpower.
  • Selma and voting rights act in 1965

    Selma and voting rights act in 1965
    John Lewis led a march of 600 people to walk from Selma to Montgomery, six blocks into it state troopers attacked the peaceful demonstraters. They were clubbed, tear gassed, and whipped. On a second march on the 9 a voting rights supporter was shot and killed. Around this time whites were becoming afraid of the organization of the black community and started to inforce unnecessary violence right away.
  • Jesse Jackson

    Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson was an African American civil rights activist. He turned down a contract to play professional baseball to go to an integrated college and play football. He left the college after racial bias on both the football team and speech team. He drew national attention from wearing a blood stained shirt the day after the assisination of Martin Luther King to draw attention. This drew some critisism even from Kings followers showing that radical ideas were not always understood by blacks
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    April 4 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot because of his controversal speeches and outspoken ideas. Analysis: Showing that African American people are continuing to protest, even though many people are not willing to accept it yet.
  • Mississippi Prom

    Mississippi Prom
    Ever since Mississippi schools were integrated in 1971 the school has been hosting segregated proms. Morgan Freeman offered to pay for an integrated prom, while students jumped at the idea, the parents stood firm saying no. This explains why it has taken so long to get past racist laws and ideals, the parents have been ingraved with racial attitudes ever since their childhood, whereas the student generation is more open to integration.
  • Rodney King Riots

    Rodney King Riots
    Three white and one hispanic police officers were acquitted after being accused of videotaping the beating of a black man after a high speed car chase. He was intoxicated and when caught was beaten and video recorded by the police officers. People were up in arms and rioted, including arson, looting, and assult, 54 people died during the riots. This shows a struggle for equality for even if a white man had comitted the same crime, he would never be publically beaten and video tapped.