" Seven Phases Of Slave Trade'

  • Travel from European country to Africa

    Africa travel to Europe. Trade goods to people. These are the Phases of slave trade
  • Period: to

    Europeans going to Africa

    Europeans going to Africa to get slaves
  • Period: to

    Holding Prison

    Holding slave until they find someone to sell them to. They held them in s prison.
  • Initial Capture

    The African was get slaves for the Europeans. Europeans forced labor.
  • Period: to

    Initial Capture

    Africa on Africa violence. Took slaves and sold them to slave owners
  • Loading

    took groups 2-8 people in a group a day and loaded them on ships
  • Period: to


    they got the groups of slave. And each day the loaded them on ships.
  • Holding Prison

    The are gathering slave so that they can sell them to slave owners because they don't have no one to sell them to at first.
  • Atlantic Passage

    Survival and Resistance
  • Period: to

    Aylantic Passage

    Survival and Resistance
  • Inital Landing and Enslavement

    Breaking process, resistance
  • Period: to

    Initial Landing and Enslavement

    exchangeing country marks
  • Relocation to other West Atlantic sities

    Orientation to labor or redistribution to other colonies.
  • Period: to

    Relocation to other West Atlantic sities

    Total number of stages involving Africa 6. Transfer from person in various homes social contexts to property.